i got some pretty amazing presents this christmas! here are some of them: a super nice Ole Henriksen body-scrub! Happy socks! -still to arrive though! a perfect Richard Colman book in really good quality and with some great sketches -super inspirational. An amazing Marjan Pejoski dress -he is the designer behind Björks amazing swan dress! flower-patterned silk personally brought home from a trip to Thailand by a little old lady we know! KÆP -a delicious mint green painted stick that symbolises "a break from the eternal hunt for happiness" and the too-good-to-be-true Tatty Devine moustache necklace ...tomorrow i will show you the biggest and craziest gift D and i got...

Karin: And you too!
B: det er fantastisk at være hjemme! godt nytår!
Sophie: oh thank you so much for your comment! i will definitely think of doing some DIY-guides! -tomorrow will probably be a sushi one- i often forget to document the process + i often just experiment with out a plan :) -both flag-line and pillows are really simple: just cut as many colourful triangles as you can -take some and zig-zag on to a clothing-line for example and take others and sew them together in rows, then sew the rows together and cut the ends of to make a square!
Katrine: jeg tror måske det er meget sigende for bloggere... Brinja var i Living tillæget i Jyllands Posten søndag! lang og flot artikel med rigtig gode billeder!
Luiy: And im so glad that you do!


Maria said...

WOWS! That's indeed some great gifts you got!! I want that necklace too, I want it so bad! :)

I'm excited to see the craziest gift....!

famapa said...

nice loot! the book looks amazing and I'm seriously digging the mint green twig and the tatty devine necklace. I'm sure all of these are down to you being clever and actually making a wish-list right?!

Laura said...

I love all of it! I wish the U.S. had mint twigs...great concept behind it too.

asphaltandair said...

what lovely gifts.
so unique and special.
i've noted a few of the links.
thanks for the shopping tips : )