tak=thanks! to all of you for the sweet sweet comments! it was so much fun to read and to see new faces -and old! you are the best! keep them coming :) okay, here we go:

Maria: Thanks -the collage of all the small photos took for ever, but it was really fun!
Emma: Heja!
wide-eyed: Servus sounds so cool! im gonna start saying that! nice to hear from you!
Jessica: Hej!
myszy: Oh, great to hear from you from poland! i do not understand a word of your blog :)
Marie: Hej Søde Søster!
Lisen: Hej L & G & S!
Kate: Hi! good to hear from you!
Eva: Hej! hyggeligt at høre fra dig!
§§§§: Hello stranger!
Sopchan: Thanks for your sweet comment! i can feel that we are coming to the point where we should start sleeping in our bed again! it really is hard!
Katrine NY: Så hyggeligt at vide at der sidder en læser så tæt på
Brit: Hi! oh, you are so sweet! I will be sure to check your blog!
Hanna: I would so like to make ungt blod-pills some day.. wonder what the ingredients will be!
ol.: Hi, good to hear from you! how exiting that you will be going to canada!
Cecilie: Dejligt at høre fra dig! jeg læser også din blog! (ville ønske vi havde sne her..)
Brita: Heja, Heja!
Hernán: Hi! so good to hear from you! thank you for the very sweet comment!
Carolina: Hej Carolina!
Lasse: Hej! Whippets er de bedste! Fin tumbler du har!
Lizzy: Thank you so much!
Michael: Salutations to you too! thanks for stopping by!
Kat: Hi to you and thank you so much for the sweet comment!
Sasha: Hi to NY! did you see Karins comment about the swedish hasbeens? she found a website!
Sarah: Hi Sarah! so good to hear from you and to find you blog! swe-dane is a cool combo!
Júlía: Hi júlía! i almost understood that :) bless!
Cindy: Y O! sorry i missed your DJ-set!
Lea: And I a huge fan of you! coffee soon??
Niller: Shit! hvor blev jeg bange!
Sandra: Hi Sandra: I always wondered what Tjenare means???
Dennis: Kiss...
Isoinpapu: Hi! good to hear from you! Finnish words are the best!
Gerd: Hi -good to hear from you! We say Mojn too in denmark -in southern Jutland!
Juliet: So good to hear from you! thanks for the sweet comment! you have the coolest last name!
superfuzz: Nice to hear from you! thank you for stopping by! have an awesome day too!
Bettina: Jeg er så glad for at vide at du læser med!
pamplemousse: Oh i remember grüß gott from when we went to germany on vacation as a kid! good to hear from you! -i will remember to post rooms and food!
rhan: you are very welcome! i look forward to following your blog! -and: you have the coolest last name!
Brinja: Hej Brinja!
Inkysocks: Hi! good to hear from you! thank you so much for linking!
Infing: He is gorgeous!
Mettch: Hej Mettch!
Stephanie: Hallo! so good to hear from you!
J*d: I know! we want to paint them too and going to sigrids place always reminds us -that we haven't done it yet :)
Fredrik: Hej! så godt at høre fra dig! You should get a blog! i would read it! -and im all for a swedish and english mix! i never know what to do either!
Luyi: Thank you so much!
L: Hi back!
La Sale Bete: Thank you for your sweet comment! good to hear from you!
Mutti: Hi mutti -hvor er fatti?
Karin: I still haven't bought them either! its hard to find the money!
Fantapollo: Ciao... im trying to think of more Italian things to say... but i can't! thanks for stopping by!
Neftos: Olá! I don't understand a word of your blog, but i wish i could!
Fanny: Don't stop till you drop!


sandra said...

tjenare is another version of hi/hello/yo :) me and my friends use it with lots of irony. don't know if anyone says it seriously :)

pamplemousse said...

i love it that you answer every comment on your blog. a lot of bloggers never bother answering even if you ask a question :(

Anonymous said...

Hej hello ciao! I'm saying hello here since I messed it yesterday!

Anne said...

hej hej Mette,
for yesterday and today ;)

allt gott till er alla tre

famapa said...

yo! didn't get round to saying hello yesterday but better late than never!

word verification: uplame - sounds kinda good...

Laura said...

Hello! Longtime lurker here. Lurker sounds so creepy but I'm just shy. I decided to stop hiding recently and have started posting comments, a blog, and even entering contests. The next step will be to figure out my new camera and start posting photos.

I love your photos and blog design! It's nice to finally say hi!