three boxes and some knitting

okay, so im not supposed to knit, but i think its okay if i only knit like five needles at time and only two times a day. who knew it would be so hard keeping off knitting? The three boxes all stand on my desk. The red money box is a gift from D -he has one in blue from his childhood, and i decorated mine with letters. The little round plastic box i bought in Frida frænka in Reykjavik and it keeps jewellery. And the little wooden box was made my me when i was like.. 10 or 11 and i stuck some plastic rabbits on the top and have had it with me ever since. it often contains coins.

Sopchan: So you do know the elbow-pain! good :)
Katrine: So disappointing! i kept staring envious at D all day!
Lea: Yeah, and i know i was awake like 6.10 and the earthquake was 6.20! so disappointing!
Hanna: Yes its such a mean syndrome! (much like the meanness of the elbow) I have a really hard time accepting the limits!
Marieke: Hi! so good to hear from you!
Maria: im most scared for our old old building! hope it does not crack! -and yeah i mostly just make up patterns -such as the skulls you can kinda see in the one picture. I also have these great needlepoint booklets from the sixties with animals of the forest and sights in copenhagen! i will show them!
Anne: Ha, ha! its so funny how you try to rationalise wired sounds and even the earth moving! -it was so funny to hear D realizing that it was not in fact our refrigerator!


emma said...

knitting addict? know the problem. just made my first hat.
nice box.

Laura said...

have you been told how long it will be before you can safety knit again? I hope it will not be for long...knitting is addictive and so relaxing. well, at least it is when I am doing it right :)

Anne said...

It's difficult staying away, I know.
Take care with your hands & wrists...

Btw, your embroideries look super duper!!
(I meant to say that yesterday but managed to get lost inte the earthquake instead)

ninja hanna said...

i think you will like it

Júlía. said...

I've never been inside Fríða Frænka. Hah.
I too am addicted to knitting, which can be good, I'm making some Christmas presents, which is nice.

Why aren't you supposed to knit?

sandra said...

didn't see your name on 1911's list until now ;) blind lady. 10 things would be great to see though!

SASHA said...

yeah, i would have a miserable time with winter if i couldn't knit! like the look of your black and pink yarns... and your embroideries, too.