a day at the beach part I

There is nothing like seeing your dog run all that he can on a windy cold beach. Such a good way to spend Friday afternoon! We make him tired by letting him run between us back and forth until he just wants to walk next to us :) the beach trip ended a little sad though -with Rufus hurting his paws so he almost couldn't walk home:( What happens is that when he runs around like crazy on the beach, the sand and little rocks can give him small cuts on his paws. Usually he doesn't even seem to notice, but yesterday there was salt on the roads and when we walked home the salt got in the little cuts on three of his paws :( poor thing -we carried him some of the way and gave him a foot bath when we got home and cleaned the cuts. that helped! Brrr.. I can just imagine the feeling of salt in your wet wounds!

Hanna: Jubii - i want sushi too! hope to see pictures??
E: Happy weekend -i know, too many mouth-watering photos in here at the moment!
BB: Nice memory! I love really good photos of food. I never thought about it for a second before i started reading blogs. then I realized how delicious it could be to look at good food!
Veja Cecilia: I'm sorry! I only afterwards realized that its was only unhealthy foods in the photos! there are lots and lots of healthy goooood looking food on Ai's blog! -it is actually inspiring for eating healthy. I don't know where my mind was when i chose them :)
Alice: Yup -one of the first things on the wall actually
Sarah: :) you are sweet! I think Ai's photos are just a little more delicious than mine, but the style really speaks to me!
Sammyrose: Thanks! there are definitely some posts I would delete if it was not totally against the point of blogs.
Ai: Thank you for blogging so beautifully! D and I just talked about how funny it is that i chose pictures of such unhealthy foods! you have so much delicious healthy food on your blog, but i guess, you can't beat a doughnut and fish'n'chips!


it will stop raining*

Talking about food: This is one of my new favourite blogs! Its called It will stop raining and has such delicious food-photography you will grow very hungry every time you visit! (i only just realized that i went from Breakfast at Tiffany's to breakfast and brunch -and now even more food!)

Alice: Granola is gooood! but porridge just seems to be more filling
BB: :) glad to interrupt! I do use syrup sometimes -but i think i like honey more!
Karin: I make my self hungry everytime i look at the picture!
Myszy: I watched because i thought about reading it but found the movie first! Capote is a good read though!
Kiwitz: Thanks! you can see them better here. i love eating of them!
Fredrik: Ha, ha -im so sorry! i hope the porridge was.... nutricious!
Emma: different every day? thats impressive! i will have to try it with lingonberries!
Mothersvea: i would love to eat brunch every day!! what a luxury that would be!
Gamze: There are so many things you could put in boxes. like drawings and pencils and rubbers and cutouts and and and
Pigeon.toed: That would last me til ten minuts after breakfast :) its very up and down for me -in some periods i have eaten nothing and others i make a full brunch
Fenke: Its one of my favourite meals too. for my birthday i like making a brunch-buffet with all my favourites! -cinnamon is a classic on porridge, but i don't like cinnamon so its not for me!
Lasse: Jep! så meget jeg kan nå, inden jeg skal afsted! fordi jeg ikke særlig godt kan lide det, så lukker jeg nogle gange øjene og spiser alt hvad jeg kan :)
When skies are grey: I really like bacon aswell! its good for many things :) That is such a lovely weekend ritual! i would love to make D brunch every weekend and then take a long walk at the beach! -i work seven days a week right now, so i don't think that will happen..
Milk: I like that his legs are sooo skinny -if you only saw the leg-shots, i wonder what you would think the whole dog looked like :)
Anne: Thank you very much! i use raisins too sometimes, but i don't like it when they get hot :) -i will have to experiment with different oats for sure!
Lina: I think porridge is almost as quick as any thing else -otherwise i would definitely go for something quicker!
Anonymous: Really? How funny! ...good to know.. i haven't been to Øens Perle in ages -trying to save money you know -but i guess he is still there?


breakfast >< brunch

Every morning before I go to work I eat oatmeal porridge - but every morning I dream of brunch. I eat the porridge only because it means I won't get hungry before late in the afternoon, but really I can't stand the gooey consistency. Im getting used to it and fresh cut apples helps A LOT! ...but still... I made the brunch in the picture for D and I last Sunday. Its pancakes with jam + bacon, fresh mozzarella and rocket salad + sliced oranges + a mango-OJ smoothie + coffee for me of course! mmm.. beats porridge every time! what do you eat for breakfast??

Brit: That is the best line ever!
Kim: Yeah -the masks suits the person really well and the cat mask is really brilliant!
Veja Cecilia: I loooove a good love-story!
Bombay Beauty: Awwhh i like Paul Varjak! i don't know about George Peppard -i have never seen the A-team, but Paul Varjak is so sweet and such a good guy and has such beautiful blue eyes!
Maria: Just take your time with the tag! and you really should see it! it is easily one of my favourite movies!
Sarah: Yeah it can be really refreshing!
Kate: I want to hear what happy, happy noises sounds like!!
Anne: I is just a real classic!
Louise: Do it!
Brinja: I sort of feel like im supposed to get a crush on holly, but i really like Paul because he is so... real? a good guy? sweet!
Ninja Hanna: I love that everybody just agrees on that!


breakfast at tiffany's

I can't stop watching Breakfast at Tiffany's! It just perfectly suits my mood these days ...and I think I might have a crush on Mister Paul Varjak!

Sandra: Yeah! Its always hard to know if somebody wants to be tagged or not!
Hanna: It is a really good tag -thanks Brinja! -and a inspiration board/wall is so important! I think I have had one every place we have lived!
Lisen: Yeah do both! And just wait until you have the time!
Fredrik: If my desks should say something about me, it is probably the last desk that says the most -and the fact that i have to sit everywhere else because there is too much stuff!
Bombay Beauty: That must have been some time ago! Copenhagen is expensive -but not THAT expensive!
Gamze: Thank you so much! those pants are totally unlike me, because I'm such a jeans-person! But I'm liking them very much! Your blog looks really good.
Gracia: My apartment as a whole can be very productive! but I need different places for different activities!


my desk

Some time ago Brinja tagged me to show my desk! good tag! getting around to do it Laura tagged me for it as well! So here it is! my many little desks! Having a little light laptop means moving around. I sit at the first desk when i work from home or study. I sit at the second desk when i eat breakfast or lunch or hang out with D. (I drink coffee at all my desks) I sit at the third desk when i relax, read blogs and listen to music. And i never sit at the fourth desk -which is really the only on that is a real desk- because its always toooo cluttered and full of stuff! I tag Sandra and Lisen, Maria and Hanna to show their desks!

Laura: haha -good story! im feeling good today (sofar :)) so i hurried and took some shots of my desk! Hope you are not too trouble by migraines -many people are!
Maria: Thank you so much. I feel better than yesterday so thats a plus!
E: Thank you -and yeah its so cool how rufus gets all see-through in strong light! He often looks very pink!
Lea: Yeah i didn't really think i would like the photos, but its cool to get some in a not so perfect style!
Ai: Thank you so much! migraines are so evil!
Roberta Jane: I think its cool with the light through the legs, but some people find it sort of disgusting!
Sylvester and mama: Tak for tagget! -har næsten lige lavet den x 2 så måske venter jeg lidt :)


for og bag

Rufus observing the cats living behind our building -from the photos from my old mobile phone. im tired today and have a headache again. I think my migraine has to get used to my new jobs and getting up early.

Lina: Yes really great -there is some beautiful bowls in the shop that im dying for!
Carpe Item: helt utroligt sød! jeg sur på ham fordi han er taget tilbage til århus :)
Brit: I think dutch is such a strange language! It sounds like a mixture of german, english and danish!!


ik ♥ ei

D made these three great second hand finds the other day. A Margrethe bowl in a great color, a little barrel and a cute cup with the text ik ♥ ei. We could not figure out what language the text was in or what it meant, but then out of pure coincidence i saw the same little cup in Tas-ka's web-shop! that made it likely to be Dutch, so i google-translated ik and ei and made the conclusion that the little cup, of course, says: I ♥ eggs! the irony is that i really dislike eggs.. but the cup is staying!

Lina: Very silly -but i know how cold rufus can get, so i understand it too!
Stride: Hvor sjovt! de ser super søde ud! Held og lykke!
Emma: Exactly! i totally get his behaviour! he is used to being the cute thing around! And we scratched him behind his ear and told him "look, we can all have a good time!"
Lea: Yes little Ivan sucks all attention to him!


dogs and kids

Now the little kid has left again. it was such a joy having him around, i want him to come back. I don't know about rufus though... He got totally confused and jealous when D and I held Ivan and acted out like a forgotten child -stealing things -doing things he knows he is not supposed to -barking and whining. But as D and I looked after Ivan a whole evening, Rufus calmed down a bit and got used to having him around.

Sylvester and Mama: God weekend!
Júlía: Yeah like katrine wrote its a welsh corgi. Funny name and funny dog! i think they look so cute, but i don't know anything about their personality.
Lisen: Ivan says Hi back -and as i wrote in the post, rufus is sceptical..! It so looks like a pyjamas on the dog!! so funny!
Gracia: She really does! she has inspired me to look into film-photography again!
Katrine: I Want To Go To Tokyo!! we chose Rufus after long and through research into different breeds and their personalities! We wanted a dog that was not too big for the apartment, but neither too small (or too barking). And we wanted a dog that did not have any aggression and would fit how we live. Turned out Whippets were a perfect match, because they are really easy -and then we thought he looked cute too -so skinny and such long legs!
Kid A: Good to here from you! i don't know when i will ever save the money to go to tokyo but its on the top of my list for sure!
Ai: he he -I can see how it could be too much fun some times -but i think it would be an amazing place to visit! you must give me some tips if i end up going!
Malin: At first i did not get the comment -until D suggested i googled it and you are so right! it looks exactly like Urcellen Ellen!
Line: very silly, but sight-hounds can get pretty chilly too!


Let's go to Tokyo

If anything these days can give me travelling fever its Notes by Naive's moody and beautiful series of 11 Let's go to Tokyo. I have been in love with her photographing style for a long time and this Tokyo-series just perfectly captures the essence of Notes by Naive.

Myszy: Oh how funny that you know danish! i think it must be quite hard to learn!
Brinja: He really is! thanks for the tag! i will get on it!
Kimberly: Thank you thank you! im so glad you stop by!
Lina: He does to many cute things! there are totally cuteness overload here!
Kristy: How cool that you think i looks like an Ivan! it really does suit him well! and i am so lucky to get to know him!
Brit: He is only 4 months old!! and he is so big and so active! he fits clothes made for 12 months old!
Alice: I will have to get some! they will definitely go on my wishlist!
Kate: That sounds like an amazing library! i love beautiful libraries! in Denmark they want to close the oldest university library, which is so beautiful too!



last weekend D and i travelled to Jylland to see little Ivan get baptised! It was such a nice day with lots of family and friends and good food. Unfortunately i made my first real photographer mistake and forgot to charge the battery!! so no picture of the little guy in his party-outfit. luckily he and his parents are coming to stay with us today and i have just charged the battery all night!

Lea: It was almost as perfect just to get the goodies delivered to your door! we just eat the last bun mmmm... I need a real cappuccino cup to really get the latte-art right! and ALOT of practice!
Ai: Yeah Lea, can't you swing by Ai with some goodies too :) I do think that saying is pretty Danish. Something about not feeling like you have done something to deserve the good thing you get. -and about the cappuccino: I just foam the milk in my bialetti milkfoamer and pour the milk from one of these -the trick is to keep pouring strongly and then jiggle the wrist at the end -or something like that :)
Louise: They really were!



yesterday my sweet neighbour posted a lovely recipe together with pictures of the bread i boldly asked in a comment when we (D and I) were stopping by to have a taste... and soon after, sure enough, a knock on the door and Lea with three buns and two even more delicious apple cup cakes! How lucky are you allowed to be? (we say that in danish "Hvor heldig må man have lov at være" -do you say that english?). the second picture is an out of focus documentation of my quest to make art in my cappuccino foam. The next step is to get real cappuccino-cups -maybe from here. (P.S. man, he is a good speaker!)

Emma: i like so much that i am your insider to danish news :) and I think it was a pretty good winner as well!
Kiwitz: i felt very lucky indeed! now i can't wait to go there for a real concert!
Joanne: thank you so much! i do feel better now, but migraines can make you feel sort of hungover the day after too!
Stride: tak! jeg ville ønske, man kunne nyde mere at ligge i sengen, når man har migræne.
Lina: thank you! Its so funny the you write that you are sorry -i mean i understand what you mean but i always think "don't worry -its not your fault" :)
myszy: Thank you! i am!
Louise: thank you -it always takes so long to get over a migraine attack!
Sandra: Yiiippiii indeeeeed! rufus did take care of me by staying in bed with me all day.
Sarah: meget spændende! jeg ville ønske der kunne være flere vindere!
mothersvea: Yes!
Famapa: JUBII! you like the gift! im so glad you do! i hope you will enjoy the music too! its crazy but really beautiful (and yes, migraines are pure pure evil)
Sasha: It feels really good to give things away like that -wish i could do i everyday!
Niller: jeg ved det, jeg ved det -du ville være smuk med sådan en sløjfe!
Lina: Thank you!
Anne: good to hear from you! hooray!
Maria: Im so glad you think it is a good gift! i was actually hard to choose the colour of the bow since i did not know who would get it!
Tina: Tak! åhh.. send mig noget trekantsstof! det kunne jeg godt bruge :)
pigeon.toed: Thank you so much!
Lisen: yeah, i wish i could spread it out to everyone, but the winner really does take it all!


drum roll please!

The winner of the ungt-blod-one-year-birthday-blog-giveaway-draw is.............

wooooo-hooooo! she will receive this little gift: An Ungt Blod knitted bow, that can be attached to anything you like + a CD with the crazy-beautiful music of Marybell Katastrophy (my sister) with the cover designed by me! Enjoy! (and send me an email with your address!)

Thank you again to everyone for those sweet sweet sweet sweet comments -on my blog-birthday and on every other day! i wish i could send all of you a gift! I hate that a stupid migraine ruined the timing, but im thankfully feeling better today! -thank you for the well wishes!


bad timing

oh no. bad timing. i have been in bed ever since this morning with a migraine, so no big draw of a winner today! im sorry! Tomorrow!

chi chi potter

I recently found this wonderful little gallery in copenhagen. Its called Chi chi potter and has some really lovely stuff -including some amazing things by Heidi Anderson that i totally fell in love with! i need more art-buying-money..

Mutti: ME TOO! tak for en fantastisk weekend
Emma: It as so amazing. I love that it is a room that really does something to you -not just a pretty room.
Fine little place: Yes i know its a little funny to have as a screensaver (its actually on my mobile phone) -it just makes me calm and happy when i see it
Ai: you should definitely visit it if you come to copenhagen! it will go on my suggestion-list to anyone!
Mothersvea: Yes and the room really felt amazing too!
Sandra: Poor astor! how awful! What Rufus likes to eat and what he gets served is not always the same.. :) no, he eats real dog food with just a little leverpostej, because he does not gain enough weight otherwise. and he L.O.V.E.S leverpostej.
Ich koennte dein vater sein: Oh thank you -that so sweet of you to say!
Lea: I know what you mean -even the exterior looks better from inside :)
Lina: :) its used to say: Her er din mad = Here is your food -for rufus. But now it only says: Is your food... I was starting to take it down some time ago, but did not get any further than here.
B: Det var den perfekte fødselsdagsfejring!
Sylvester and mama: I know! i felt really lucky! we are going there with my parents in February and they were pretty jealous when they heard!
Karin: The concert hall became alot more expensive than it was supposed to, so its extra great that the result at least is spectacular!



happy weekend everyone!



today I had the great privilege to have a sneak peak of the new concert hall of our national public television and radio, Danmarks Radio. It is design by Jean Nouvel and it finally opens tomorrow with a big grand opening concert for the queen and everyone who is anyone. Well today D and i got the chance to go to the dress-rehearsal (together with alot of other people) and wow! the acoustics were made by a cool japanese acoustician named Toyota and room is like a giant beautiful heart filled with beautiful sounds! i only brought my small digi-cam so the photos really doesn't do the place justice!

Yasemin: Yeah, i really subtle one!
Lisen: Me too! i miss sleeping in with Rufus! now i can't wait to get home to him in the afternoon!
Júlía: Im so glad you liked the food collages as well, because i got very annoyed with them because of the colour-scheme.
Kim: Thank you so much! i don't know how i do it, im just lucky that i do!
Kiwitz: Thank you! no, he is a whippet! they are sort of both sight hounds i think. Whippets are like a smaller version of greyhounds.
Cindy: Thank you sooo much! when you get a cold like that its best just to staaaay in beeed. Today is sooo cold in copenhagen, so it probably is in malmö too! We try to keep warm! I wish we could take rufus to krets, but you swedes have such strict rules that he would have to get alot of shots and 6 months before going!! crazy swedes! ..hope you feel better!
Fanny: Ha ha -the picture is a bit deceptive! We do have a huge sneaker collection, but probably not as many adidas as it looks like -we got the shoeboxes from the adidas headquarters in denmark a couple of years ago, cus we thought it would make a cool storing system. Also we try to collect them from stores once in a while.