well as i said yesterday: That was the beauty-shots -This is the action-shots = Rufus going bananas! Even with my camera set on action-quick-shots i could not capture anything but a crazy blur! -sometimes he does fall down...

Wide-eyed: He loves the camera!
Design for mankind: He is an attention-grabber for sure!
Brit: i don't know if you still say that to these photos?
Sylvester and mama: The coolest in the pack!
Emma: I get scared when i falls because of his skinny legs, but he never hurts them seriously -they say whippets are like arabian horses: skinny but sturdy!
Júlía: I love that one too! i love it when a catch him with his tongue out!
Sasha: Dogs are such an easy target -i some times have to tell my self to take less pictures of rufus!
Lisen: Det tror jeg næsten ikke på! en sne-skov lyder fantastisk! og at varme sig foran ilden bag efter! We bought our sofa cheap and second hand because we wanted a BIG on too. It was originally a corner-sofa but i took out the corner and bolted together the two sides. i have never seen anyone else with a five person sofa like that! we also took away the side polstering to give it a more clean look
Lena: I like it very much too! the sofa is just long enough for the three of us:)
Famapa: That would be so cool! little whippet-cats! and Rufus can be so cat like in his behaviour!
pigeon.toed: yeah i think the might be :)


Katrine Ny said...

Those pics are SO GOOD FUN! Hahaha.
I'd be laughing so much if I saw this in real life - just looking at the pictures is making me smile. It looks crazy. I love when dogs are going bananas like that!
Actually I was babysitting my parents' dog yesterday. He's a gravhund/dachshound, and he's normally very calm and lazy. But sometimes he does these funny freak-out sessions too. And he did so on my couch yesterday too!
Maybe I should show the pics on my blog soon. But they are not as wild as yours with Rufus though. Haha. I love them!

lea said...

so action packed! and fun, rufus is fun, eventhough the images are blurry i know exactly how his "going bananas moves" look : )

Anonymous said...

he he - that dog cracks me up!!!

asphaltandair said...

love this! so much!
what a sweetie!

Laura said...

the last photo, of the empty couch, gives it the perfect funny ending.

as a kid, I had a generally calm, stubby little round cat who would routinely freak out every time there was a full moon. one full moon night she went roaring around the house, shot up against a second story window, popped the screen out and sailed into our forsythia bush below. so strange...

pappi said...

just to be sure, that all read my
father-reply, I say it once more:
tell me is it complicated to be such a father with such a wonderful daughter (and we even have 2 of them!), who puts into lovely words what she hide in her heart?!
I'm moved to tears and proud to the sky

B said...

hehe han er den kæreste hund jeg kender:) Passer så godt ind i sin familie, tilpas kær, andeledes og total sin egen:)

Brit said...

Now he's just plain ol cute! :) My puppy does the same thing, jumps like a mad cow on the couch!

Mins said...

I like your cute poster in the background!

Nina said...

Hihi sikke en lille badutspringer :)

Roberta Jane said...

Cleo and her other IG friend do this at night before they go to sleep.... so funny how fast they move! I've also tried to catch it on film and have not been as successful as this!

Yay for sight hounds!!!!