chi chi potter

I recently found this wonderful little gallery in copenhagen. Its called Chi chi potter and has some really lovely stuff -including some amazing things by Heidi Anderson that i totally fell in love with! i need more art-buying-money..

Mutti: ME TOO! tak for en fantastisk weekend
Emma: It as so amazing. I love that it is a room that really does something to you -not just a pretty room.
Fine little place: Yes i know its a little funny to have as a screensaver (its actually on my mobile phone) -it just makes me calm and happy when i see it
Ai: you should definitely visit it if you come to copenhagen! it will go on my suggestion-list to anyone!
Mothersvea: Yes and the room really felt amazing too!
Sandra: Poor astor! how awful! What Rufus likes to eat and what he gets served is not always the same.. :) no, he eats real dog food with just a little leverpostej, because he does not gain enough weight otherwise. and he L.O.V.E.S leverpostej.
Ich koennte dein vater sein: Oh thank you -that so sweet of you to say!
Lea: I know what you mean -even the exterior looks better from inside :)
Lina: :) its used to say: Her er din mad = Here is your food -for rufus. But now it only says: Is your food... I was starting to take it down some time ago, but did not get any further than here.
B: Det var den perfekte fødselsdagsfejring!
Sylvester and mama: I know! i felt really lucky! we are going there with my parents in February and they were pretty jealous when they heard!
Karin: The concert hall became alot more expensive than it was supposed to, so its extra great that the result at least is spectacular!

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e said...

hey cool place, fine post, lovley colours!

-today your danish koncert-house (radio's?) had its own article about the arcitecture etc. - in the swedish daily paper D.N. :)

i'm like: "ääh, i've already been reading about that one. seen it to. from inside. on the net. at ungtblod... )