my desk

Some time ago Brinja tagged me to show my desk! good tag! getting around to do it Laura tagged me for it as well! So here it is! my many little desks! Having a little light laptop means moving around. I sit at the first desk when i work from home or study. I sit at the second desk when i eat breakfast or lunch or hang out with D. (I drink coffee at all my desks) I sit at the third desk when i relax, read blogs and listen to music. And i never sit at the fourth desk -which is really the only on that is a real desk- because its always toooo cluttered and full of stuff! I tag Sandra and Lisen, Maria and Hanna to show their desks!

Laura: haha -good story! im feeling good today (sofar :)) so i hurried and took some shots of my desk! Hope you are not too trouble by migraines -many people are!
Maria: Thank you so much. I feel better than yesterday so thats a plus!
E: Thank you -and yeah its so cool how rufus gets all see-through in strong light! He often looks very pink!
Lea: Yeah i didn't really think i would like the photos, but its cool to get some in a not so perfect style!
Ai: Thank you so much! migraines are so evil!
Roberta Jane: I think its cool with the light through the legs, but some people find it sort of disgusting!
Sylvester and mama: Tak for tagget! -har næsten lige lavet den x 2 så måske venter jeg lidt :)


sandra said...

how fun! will fix it this week :) thanks for the tag, i actually thought yesterday "it's been too long since someone tagged me"!

Hanna Åberg said...

thanks mette! It's always nice with tags... Your desk is lovely by the way. So many good pictures (I have to fix something above my desk as well. some sort of inspiration board)

Lisen said...

nice space around you!

I'll show..maybe next week..here at home or in the studio. or both. :)

Cute Rufus-legs in the other post!

Fredrik said...

More is more.:)
I wonder how much a desk says about the person who uses it.
I second Lisen about nice space and I like the lower Rufus-legshot!:D

Anonymous said...

you have lovely pants

gracia said...

What a colour-soaked hive of brilliant activity... it looks like a productive space to me.

Alice said...

little swedish flag, YaY !!