dogs and kids

Now the little kid has left again. it was such a joy having him around, i want him to come back. I don't know about rufus though... He got totally confused and jealous when D and I held Ivan and acted out like a forgotten child -stealing things -doing things he knows he is not supposed to -barking and whining. But as D and I looked after Ivan a whole evening, Rufus calmed down a bit and got used to having him around.

Sylvester and Mama: God weekend!
Júlía: Yeah like katrine wrote its a welsh corgi. Funny name and funny dog! i think they look so cute, but i don't know anything about their personality.
Lisen: Ivan says Hi back -and as i wrote in the post, rufus is sceptical..! It so looks like a pyjamas on the dog!! so funny!
Gracia: She really does! she has inspired me to look into film-photography again!
Katrine: I Want To Go To Tokyo!! we chose Rufus after long and through research into different breeds and their personalities! We wanted a dog that was not too big for the apartment, but neither too small (or too barking). And we wanted a dog that did not have any aggression and would fit how we live. Turned out Whippets were a perfect match, because they are really easy -and then we thought he looked cute too -so skinny and such long legs!
Kid A: Good to here from you! i don't know when i will ever save the money to go to tokyo but its on the top of my list for sure!
Ai: he he -I can see how it could be too much fun some times -but i think it would be an amazing place to visit! you must give me some tips if i end up going!
Malin: At first i did not get the comment -until D suggested i googled it and you are so right! it looks exactly like Urcellen Ellen!
Line: very silly, but sight-hounds can get pretty chilly too!


Stride said...

Hej Mette!
Vi går og venter på, at vi skal ha' en Welsh corgi. Det er en hyrdehund, så man skal være meget bestemt over for den.

emma said...

aaw, ruuuufus! -can't be easy when there's another popular little child around! so classic thing to do, whining and act like a baby. interesting though... and quite understandable...but gooood to hear that he calmed himself down, that's good for everyone!
"calm down! there's love for everyone around!" :)

lea said...

awwhh ivan looks so adorable..i can understand rufus being a bit jaloux : ) said...

nej hvor er din nevø bare sød ;o)