from a new angle

the cool blue fjäll räven is D's. I just woke up from a nap and can't really get my head or my words together. happy weekend to everybody!

Lisen: Thank you! its exiting. -and yes its crazy how many people are actually up at that time! though i do have the bike-paths pretty much to my self! One of the jobs i can do from home, but even so i do not see rufus at that hour! he can sleep till almost noon. -The porcelain is so cute and would co really well with our cups with faces on.
Famapa: Yeah you can always use a job or two -and especially in these crisis times :) i think i like that i have to get up early, because i was beginning to think 8-9ish was really really early :)
Little nutbrown hare: Thank you for finding out so quickly! When i googled it, i just saw the "Thomas" that came up first and thought "no that can't be them at all" :)
Emma: Ahh Emma, you should get some of the credit! those little hares can be so quick!! I did not buy any because i don't really have the money for cute things like that, but i would really like two espresso cups from the series!
Aixx: Thanks Ai -it feels good to have a Japanese saying to get me out of bed when it is too difficult! And thanks for the photo-facts! i love your photography!
Veja Cecilia: as i remember they were appr. 125 DKK for a cup with saucer. thats like 22 USD -or 180 SEK these days.


Lisen said...

yes, they would fit perfect with your cups!

hello cosy home with cosy floor!
Nice light.

m said...

wow, you have a lot of vinyl records!

emma said...

hello there is that a fresh new blue swedish fjällräven? or is it just a kindly treated, and fresh but old one? i've got a black one myself - fjällräven backpacks - still going strong. for ever and ever. :) said...

Your home looks really nice. the vinyl-shelf looks great

Anonymous said...

Det her en rigtig flot blog, som lynhurtigt er blevet til min absolutte yndlingsoverspringelseshandling, mens jeg læser til eksamen...
Må jeg spørge, hvad du bruger for et kamera?


Alice said...

once again, i am SO, SO, SO jealous of your records collection.

Maria said...

I so like your home! and all those records..!
I wonder from where you got the candle-holders now again? I mean the pink and yellow ones..they are just too lovely:)

Roberta Jane said...

My husband has an out of control huge record collection like this one but we have never figured out a good storage/display system - I love this look - low and streamlined!