yesterday my sweet neighbour posted a lovely recipe together with pictures of the bread i boldly asked in a comment when we (D and I) were stopping by to have a taste... and soon after, sure enough, a knock on the door and Lea with three buns and two even more delicious apple cup cakes! How lucky are you allowed to be? (we say that in danish "Hvor heldig må man have lov at være" -do you say that english?). the second picture is an out of focus documentation of my quest to make art in my cappuccino foam. The next step is to get real cappuccino-cups -maybe from here. (P.S. man, he is a good speaker!)

Emma: i like so much that i am your insider to danish news :) and I think it was a pretty good winner as well!
Kiwitz: i felt very lucky indeed! now i can't wait to go there for a real concert!
Joanne: thank you so much! i do feel better now, but migraines can make you feel sort of hungover the day after too!
Stride: tak! jeg ville ønske, man kunne nyde mere at ligge i sengen, når man har migræne.
Lina: thank you! Its so funny the you write that you are sorry -i mean i understand what you mean but i always think "don't worry -its not your fault" :)
myszy: Thank you! i am!
Louise: thank you -it always takes so long to get over a migraine attack!
Sandra: Yiiippiii indeeeeed! rufus did take care of me by staying in bed with me all day.
Sarah: meget spændende! jeg ville ønske der kunne være flere vindere!
mothersvea: Yes!
Famapa: JUBII! you like the gift! im so glad you do! i hope you will enjoy the music too! its crazy but really beautiful (and yes, migraines are pure pure evil)
Sasha: It feels really good to give things away like that -wish i could do i everyday!
Niller: jeg ved det, jeg ved det -du ville være smuk med sådan en sløjfe!
Lina: Thank you!
Anne: good to hear from you! hooray!
Maria: Im so glad you think it is a good gift! i was actually hard to choose the colour of the bow since i did not know who would get it!
Tina: Tak! åhh.. send mig noget trekantsstof! det kunne jeg godt bruge :)
pigeon.toed: Thank you so much!
Lisen: yeah, i wish i could spread it out to everyone, but the winner really does take it all!


lea said...

wow that cappuccino foam looks professional! and i'm glad you liked the buns and the cakes : ) i would have liked to invite you in as well, but was expecting guests. oh and that was a lovely bow famapa won and i liked the picture of all the notes in the bowl.

Anonymous said...

I love the Danish phrase you mentioned. That really shows the mentality of its people, doesn't it? And man, you make killer cappuccino! How do you do that!?

(Lea, I want your buns and cupcakes, too.)


louise said...

Yummmmm, they look delicious.

myszy said...

oh, you reminded me how I enjoyed learnig Danish! I don't know similar expressions in English, maybe they exist but aren't used?

Bombay Beauty said...

Reminds me that I paid what was then $14 for an espresso in Copenhagen! BB