heart collection

I have a little collection of plastic hearts. Somehow keeping things in a heart makes them seem more valuable. Here everyday life is creeping its way back in, but i think its okay. This christmas vacation has been worth gold (do you say that in english? in danish we say something is worth gold: guld værd)

Stefanie: Yes it can seem like alot of strange things, but if you just keep soy and wasabi and ricevinegar in your regular stock, it does not take as much to get sushi-ready!
Hanna: Can't wait for your pom-pom guide!
When Skies are..: Thanks! it was so yummy and i always like food that is pretty a little extra
Mieke+Willems: You too!
Júlía: Go for it! its really easy once you have tried it! and except for the rice, which is very easy too, it does not take long at all! -and yes! my parents are very inventive -and courages that they bought it for us!
Lena: Yummy indeed
Veja Cecilia: Your kids will probably love making sushi!! its so much fun, you can make your own favourites and it so tasty even to kids!
Sarah: ha ha -thank you so much!


Lynn and Horst said...

same here
i had pure gold and happiness
sounds so pathetic
but life goes on and the daily routine is hunting us

Anonymous said...


In English it is 'to be worth a mint' but in German we say 'Gold wert sein', too!

Love your work!


Laura said...

In "American" it's "worth its weight in gold".

the thought of things seeming more valuable within hearts, what a great perspective! I never thought of it that way...

emma said...

haha ja "det är GULD värt!" eller som ungdomar (?) i sverige säger ibland. "D'ä guld!"
(did u get this? yes?)

lovley boxes. ofcourse every little thing seem more valuable in a heartshaped somethin'. lets keep everything in our hearts (haha i'm soooo lame and cheesy tonite).

Mademoiselle M♡ said...

I'm new to your blog!
your blog is so colourful, I love it!

Stride said...

Altså mette, man bliver bare så glad når man læser din blog og lidt misundelig:-)