ik ♥ ei

D made these three great second hand finds the other day. A Margrethe bowl in a great color, a little barrel and a cute cup with the text ik ♥ ei. We could not figure out what language the text was in or what it meant, but then out of pure coincidence i saw the same little cup in Tas-ka's web-shop! that made it likely to be Dutch, so i google-translated ik and ei and made the conclusion that the little cup, of course, says: I ♥ eggs! the irony is that i really dislike eggs.. but the cup is staying!

Lina: Very silly -but i know how cold rufus can get, so i understand it too!
Stride: Hvor sjovt! de ser super søde ud! Held og lykke!
Emma: Exactly! i totally get his behaviour! he is used to being the cute thing around! And we scratched him behind his ear and told him "look, we can all have a good time!"
Lea: Yes little Ivan sucks all attention to him!


lina said...

haha i love that cup! & tas-ka's is great!

Brit said...

Jeeej Dutch! My language! :)