it will stop raining*

Talking about food: This is one of my new favourite blogs! Its called It will stop raining and has such delicious food-photography you will grow very hungry every time you visit! (i only just realized that i went from Breakfast at Tiffany's to breakfast and brunch -and now even more food!)

Alice: Granola is gooood! but porridge just seems to be more filling
BB: :) glad to interrupt! I do use syrup sometimes -but i think i like honey more!
Karin: I make my self hungry everytime i look at the picture!
Myszy: I watched because i thought about reading it but found the movie first! Capote is a good read though!
Kiwitz: Thanks! you can see them better here. i love eating of them!
Fredrik: Ha, ha -im so sorry! i hope the porridge was.... nutricious!
Emma: different every day? thats impressive! i will have to try it with lingonberries!
Mothersvea: i would love to eat brunch every day!! what a luxury that would be!
Gamze: There are so many things you could put in boxes. like drawings and pencils and rubbers and cutouts and and and
Pigeon.toed: That would last me til ten minuts after breakfast :) its very up and down for me -in some periods i have eaten nothing and others i make a full brunch
Fenke: Its one of my favourite meals too. for my birthday i like making a brunch-buffet with all my favourites! -cinnamon is a classic on porridge, but i don't like cinnamon so its not for me!
Lasse: Jep! så meget jeg kan nå, inden jeg skal afsted! fordi jeg ikke særlig godt kan lide det, så lukker jeg nogle gange øjene og spiser alt hvad jeg kan :)
When skies are grey: I really like bacon aswell! its good for many things :) That is such a lovely weekend ritual! i would love to make D brunch every weekend and then take a long walk at the beach! -i work seven days a week right now, so i don't think that will happen..
Milk: I like that his legs are sooo skinny -if you only saw the leg-shots, i wonder what you would think the whole dog looked like :)
Anne: Thank you very much! i use raisins too sometimes, but i don't like it when they get hot :) -i will have to experiment with different oats for sure!
Lina: I think porridge is almost as quick as any thing else -otherwise i would definitely go for something quicker!
Anonymous: Really? How funny! ...good to know.. i haven't been to Øens Perle in ages -trying to save money you know -but i guess he is still there?


Hanna Åberg said...

I'm making sushi tonight, mette! thanks for the guide :)

e said...

lucky me who ate some nuts with choco on it, when i read your post.
couldn't have stand it with nothing to eat right at that moment.
thanks for the link! happy weekend.

Bombay Beauty said...

KitKat has never looked more pretty! I have never wanted one more in whole life (well, at least since age 4 when my brother and I would share two fingers each while my father played tennis...) This also reminds me for some reason of the best vegetable picture I ever took:

Even though I had such a dull background, the veg, fresh from the market, really pops out. Must try this again...


Veja cecilia said...

oh, I just quit candy and fat food. the photos makes me looooong!

Sarah Carlson said...

Those photos look a lot like yours! said...

You are right. Your blog IS kicka-ass all the way. thanks for you comment on the topic! Love

Anonymous said...

hey hey, thank you for the post! it's interesting to see which pics you pick to show, hehe.

have a great weekend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool blog, makes me hungry!

sopchan said...

nice find! have you ever had natto mette? .... i see it features in aixxx's pics - i *love* it!

Anonymous said...

yes, that blog is really good :-) enjoy your week!!

pigeon.toed said...

OMG!!! that looks so delicious!

Marie-Eve said...

Oh, so good buns with coffee... It looks like a good friday, to me.