last weekend D and i travelled to Jylland to see little Ivan get baptised! It was such a nice day with lots of family and friends and good food. Unfortunately i made my first real photographer mistake and forgot to charge the battery!! so no picture of the little guy in his party-outfit. luckily he and his parents are coming to stay with us today and i have just charged the battery all night!

Lea: It was almost as perfect just to get the goodies delivered to your door! we just eat the last bun mmmm... I need a real cappuccino cup to really get the latte-art right! and ALOT of practice!
Ai: Yeah Lea, can't you swing by Ai with some goodies too :) I do think that saying is pretty Danish. Something about not feeling like you have done something to deserve the good thing you get. -and about the cappuccino: I just foam the milk in my bialetti milkfoamer and pour the milk from one of these -the trick is to keep pouring strongly and then jiggle the wrist at the end -or something like that :)
Louise: They really were!


Anonymous said...

He is adorable I´m shure he looked fantastic in party clothes!

I have tagged you.

when skies are grey said...

What a sweet baby face !
Enjoy your day with family.
I'm a bit late on this, but happy blog birthday Mette, it's always so nice keeping up with you and getting to see all the things you find pretty :)

lina said...

awe. what a cutie:]

asphaltandair said...

he's simply the sweetest.
and best of all, he really looks like an Ivan!
you're a very lucky auntie indeed.

Brit said...

Ivan is so cute!!! How old is he?

Lisen said...

oh hello Ivan! You look like a nice little one! (what do rufus think about tiny baby-humans?) stina thinks its weird but fun). :)