Let's go to Tokyo

If anything these days can give me travelling fever its Notes by Naive's moody and beautiful series of 11 Let's go to Tokyo. I have been in love with her photographing style for a long time and this Tokyo-series just perfectly captures the essence of Notes by Naive.

Myszy: Oh how funny that you know danish! i think it must be quite hard to learn!
Brinja: He really is! thanks for the tag! i will get on it!
Kimberly: Thank you thank you! im so glad you stop by!
Lina: He does to many cute things! there are totally cuteness overload here!
Kristy: How cool that you think i looks like an Ivan! it really does suit him well! and i am so lucky to get to know him!
Brit: He is only 4 months old!! and he is so big and so active! he fits clothes made for 12 months old!
Alice: I will have to get some! they will definitely go on my wishlist!
Kate: That sounds like an amazing library! i love beautiful libraries! in Denmark they want to close the oldest university library, which is so beautiful too!


Anonymous said...

yes, I agree - very inspiring!! God weekend.

Júlía. said...

what breed is the dog on the last picture? He looks kindof weird I have to say. but in a nice way!

Lisen said...

hahaha, that dog in...pyjamas?
looks like a ...person in a masquerade costume.

Thinking about how it is to put it ON, must be a though job. haha


gracia said...

Weee... yeah!! Lets go to Tokyo! Super!

Tommy takes such beautiful photos, no?


Katrine Ny said...

I LOVE Tommy's Tokyo pictures too!!! And you have chosen to show exactly my favourites too. :)
I SO want to go to Tokyo!

Corgis, they are so funny. I've been thinking about getting a Corgi once I get the chance to have a dog. But oh it's so hard to choose a breed. How did you decide on a whippet?

kid.a said...

i went to tokyo 2 yrs ago and it was love at 1st sight. i need to get back!

Anonymous said...

Tokyo is fun. Too much fun sometimes as it's got everything for everyone.

lina said...

wow! silly dog outfit:]

Kate said...

Ohh I love corgis! Everytime I see one I have to stop what I'm doing to make happy, happy noises.