I had to get a new phone because the sound stopped working on the old one. And that meant that i, for the first time ever, transferred all photos, i had taken on the old phone to my computer. I will make a couple of photo-series out of them in the next week. I love my Olympus camera dearly, but sometimes its funny to use a really bad digital camera to get a different style.

Emma: Yeah, im totally for sharing -i just often don't think i have that many good tricks to share...
Anna: Thanks!
Niller: You are forgiven -and still in the competition!
Lea: You are very welcome -so sad that you have to leave gl.strand!
May: How clever! i have to look up all the smart shortcuts on mac, cus they can be really helpful


yasemin said...

it's like an advertisement for adidas!ahah:))

Lisen said...

I wanna lay in bed with my dog toooo, noooow! ah..I'm so tired and have so much to do...this was just a minibreak....good luck with the new phone!

Kiwitz said...

your dog is so beautiful :D
is it an ibizan hound?

Cindy said...

Åh Mette Congrats on your Blog-1-year-anniversary! I haven't been updating myself on the internet in a couple of days lately. Been having a very looong and baaaaad cold.

I really enjoyed the pictures of Rufus! You should take him over to our next opening February 21st when ShoboShobo will be doing a big murial at KRETS, and you can color his stuff in. He will also exhibit at TTC from February 14th.

Hope you and Dennis are having it good!
Keep yourself warm.

Anonymous said...

Somebody has a pretty huge sneakers collection there!
: )