new beginnings

I've started two new jobs this week! they are both related to news and they both require me getting up crazy early in the morning! its strange seeing the world and the city that early. this is what it looked like this morning. The moon was so big, but also very hard to capture on camera. You can see some of the things i do at one of my new jobs here and here and this is the other place i have started working.

Anna: just like keeping things in hearts makes the things more special, eating heart shaped things makes them tastier!
Hanna: it didn't work here. its still so grey and cold!
▶ Laura: The little cup is one of three designs we got for our wedding! they are made by a small danish (i think) company called darkling. Unfortunately the last time i checked they did not have any left.
Sandra: Haha -rufus with a wig!
Lea: The marshmallows are 8 kr in Rema! and the light was so beautiful!
Emma: Imaging lying under the big blue bedspread eating heart shaped marshmallows! pefect!
▶ Lisen: As sweet as the marshmallows them selves. there are non left now..
Sylvester and mama: Nicely put! it is style!
Mother Svea: I think i was affected by your candy-post when i bought those marshmallows!
Fanny: Oh i would love to see it in real life!! does it look as good as i think? Happy friday and happy weekend!


Lisen said...

oh, congrats to your new jobs!

since I got my studio in town I've been taking the bus very early in the morning some days, its crazy dark then and...well, I think its a bit crazy how so many people go to work/school in that time..?! But its kind of cozy too.

Does Rufus go with you? Is he awake early in the mornings?

famapa said...

two jobs at the same time, brilliant news! grattis grattis, not a bad time to get a job or two ;)

I don't think I know what early mornings are anymore, not sure if that's a good thing or not...

Anonymous said...

here in japan there's an old saying that basically says that early birds get more luck, and i find it to be quite true sometimes. and it just feels nice to be up early, doesn't it. your jobs seem very interesting, too. good luck!

by the way, i use canon 40d for digital stuff and nikon 90x for film. ;-)