today I had the great privilege to have a sneak peak of the new concert hall of our national public television and radio, Danmarks Radio. It is design by Jean Nouvel and it finally opens tomorrow with a big grand opening concert for the queen and everyone who is anyone. Well today D and i got the chance to go to the dress-rehearsal (together with alot of other people) and wow! the acoustics were made by a cool japanese acoustician named Toyota and room is like a giant beautiful heart filled with beautiful sounds! i only brought my small digi-cam so the photos really doesn't do the place justice!

Yasemin: Yeah, i really subtle one!
Lisen: Me too! i miss sleeping in with Rufus! now i can't wait to get home to him in the afternoon!
Júlía: Im so glad you liked the food collages as well, because i got very annoyed with them because of the colour-scheme.
Kim: Thank you so much! i don't know how i do it, im just lucky that i do!
Kiwitz: Thank you! no, he is a whippet! they are sort of both sight hounds i think. Whippets are like a smaller version of greyhounds.
Cindy: Thank you sooo much! when you get a cold like that its best just to staaaay in beeed. Today is sooo cold in copenhagen, so it probably is in malmö too! We try to keep warm! I wish we could take rufus to krets, but you swedes have such strict rules that he would have to get alot of shots and 6 months before going!! crazy swedes! ..hope you feel better!
Fanny: Ha ha -the picture is a bit deceptive! We do have a huge sneaker collection, but probably not as many adidas as it looks like -we got the shoeboxes from the adidas headquarters in denmark a couple of years ago, cus we thought it would make a cool storing system. Also we try to collect them from stores once in a while.


Anonymous said...

wauw it looks fantastic - i'm so looking forward to go there with you next month for a wonderful concert. mutti

emma said...

SO cool! totally breathtaking spaces! must have been awsome in there. Always nice with sneak peeks!

Fine Little Day said...

Looks like a stunning place to be.

Fun that you made a screen saver from my photo :)

Anonymous said...

wow, looking fantastic. i gotta put it on my list of things to visit/do next time i'm in town!

have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

wow it really looks amazing!!

lea said...

wow, it looks so organic and soft inside i have only seen it's rather clumpsy and heavy exterior. thanks for the peak!

karin said...

fantastic architecture

Kiwitz said...

WOOOW how lucky :D

Kate said...

It looks amazing, kind of reminds me of the seattle public library downtown.

K said...

oh wow! This was just in the planning stages when I was living there.

mmmm I want to go back. Know of any architects that are hiring?