tired floating

-if you are ever feeling a little low, i recommend a blog-birthday! wow. im so overwhelmed by all of your sweet and wonderful comments that i could float -except that im not floating, but instead very, very tired from a looong day with a final exam! you are the best! all of you!

remember that new-comers can comment on the birthday-post until monday and be in the draw for the secret gift! okay.
here we go:

Maria: Thank you so much sweet Maria -i must have too much time on my hands :) The vase/candle-thingy is from Kähler and designed by Louise Campbell!
Jessica: Thank you so much!
▶ Katrine Ny: Tusind tak, hvor er du sød! blogs er bare den perfekte overspringshandling! jeg kommer altid til at tjekke blogs i undervisning! I tror jeg laver et lille indlæg om den store collage i morgen ...
Lena: Thank you so much! im going to make a little post about the collage tomorrow ... :)
Lottie: Oh, yeah it would be so cool to make a poster of the year like that! Our photowall in the kitchen works kind of like a giant collage of past time, and its so lovely to have around!
Brinja: Tak -du er for sød!
▶ Hanna: Yeah that is really funny to think of! when you start reading a blog you rarely notice when it was started!
▶ Mutti: Tak søde mutti! og tak for den søde kommentar!
▶ Stride: Hvor er du sød! tusind tak! jeg er meget beæret over at kunne være dit frirum!
Elin: Oh, so do I -i would love to see your blog! thank you so much for commenting! im so glad to here from you and your sweet words make me blush!
Emma: you are welcome! thank you for all your comments! -i think its crazy that a year can contain as many things as are in the collage!
Sarah: Tak! og jeg er glad for at have fundet din! bliv ved med at læse!
Saga: Thank you so so much! i love your characteristic of the blog!
MotherSvea: Thank you! its weird to think of it as a success, but it is!
Gracia: Thank you so much! i have bought some frozen berries for a smoothie because i could not stand all the delicious fruit on your blog!
▶ B: Ja, jeg glæder mig også! tusind tak fordi du læser!
▶ Wide-eyed: Thank you for the sweet comment! im proud to be a favourite! more on the photo-collage tomorrow..
Sandra: Thank you so much -and thank you reading! Rufus kissed me thoroughly!
▶ Sopchan: No, Thank you so much for the sweet comment!
Fredrik: Tak TAk! im loving they way your blog is evolving too!
▶ May: The blog thanks you -it was starting to think i got too much of the credit!
Phoebe Marie: Thank you so much for the comment! im proud to make you happy!
▶ Infing: det er sådan en sjov tanke at der hver dag oprettes så mange nye blogge så mange forskellige steder! tak fordi du læser med!
Pamplemous: Oh, so. am. i. im really really happy that i started and have not wanted to stop since!
▶ Steph: I think keeping intouch with a place is such a good reason to read a blog --i will have to photograph the city more!
Laura: Thank you so much for the sweet comment! i feel like i have been blogging for much more than a year too!
Aixx: Thank you so much -i will remember to show more of copenhagen!
Joanne: Thank you -and yes; many many more!
Lynn&Horst: You are too sweet! thank you!
Ashes and Milk: Thank you! more on the collage tomorrow
Mia: Tusind tak -tak fordi du læser!
▶ SammyRose: Thank you so much! thanks for stopping by!
▶ Lea: Du er sød! jeg er glad for at jeg fik dig til at blogge! i morgen fortæller jeg hemmeligheden bag mosaiken!
M: You have too!
Sasha: :) you will! the huge photos was one of my biggest wishes from the beginning! i love huge photos!
▶ §s§: Åhh, søde paragraf! hvornår skal vi drikke kaffe?? kan vi ikke nok nå det inden weekenden?
Schanett: Im kinda proud of the whole regularity too! i do post every single day except when im out of town! keep reading and commenting!
Arbejdsglæde: -hvor er det et fint navn! Jeg elsker at omvende folk til sushi! det er det bedste! tak fordi du læser med!
▶ Veja cecilia: Thank you -i like the post too! i think i will return to it many times just to look at all the photos!
▶ Marieke: Thank you! you can always visit the old blogs through the sidebar, but this design has definitely been the best!
Myszy: the will be so much blood in the future ;) (ungt blood= young blood)
▶ Niller: -they all do, but the others just try to hide it! and no! it won't increase your chances!
▶ Famapa: I wish i could have a big party and invite all my readers! maybe next year?
Lisen: Sometimes you are just busy with other important things ;) Thank you and you are very welcome!
Brita: Thank you so much! keep doing it!
▶ Louise: Thank you. its going to be hard for 2009 since this year was our wedding for example -but im sure other unexpected surprises will come up, making it the best year ever.
▶ yasemin: The competition is getting hard! thank you for visiting!
Ol: How fun! hope you are liking Canada! thank you for the comment -i hope it will last for many years, but who knows where the internet and where i am in just a year. alot can happen!
Amy: What a great achievement! im happy to make you giggle!
▶ Sulu-design: I have made many a comment blunder in the past yeat :) thank you for stopping by and do it again!
Lina: WooooooooooHooooooooo!
▶ Roberta: Thank you so much. In regards to the records, i find keeping it low is the best trick ever - in regards to the dogs, hoooray for sight hounds!
Asphalt and air: thank you so much! i will keep it up!
Ingenting: Tak!
Pappi: Thank you so much sweet pappi -and i have all ready photographed another tower... i will show you soon!
Fenke: Thank you -and the vases are from Kähler -designed by Louise Campbell -they are magnetic so you can arrange them in different ways!
▶ Søster: Tak!! jeg glæder mig sådan til vi ses i weekenden!
▶ Mieke +Willems: I know! im overwhelmed by all the comments! its so wonderful! -you actually wrote your comment while i was doing all these replies!
Júlía: Oh, i love a little icelandic on my blog! thank you so much -im so glad you stop by!


Veja cecilia said...

wow! I can´t belive you replied to everyones comment. Just great!!

nilleren said...

i'm pretty sure this will increase my chances to win (even though you say it won't)