♥ Ungt ♥ Blod's ♥ home♥ made ♥ pesto ♥ guide ♥

i hate store-bought pesto (okay, hate might be a strong word), but i L O V E home made pesto. So here is Ungt Blod's home made pesto guide: ♥ take the following ingredients: Pine nuts, parmigiana, (3 cloves) garlic, (a big handful) basil and olive oil ♥ Start chopping the garlic ♥ gradually ad some basil and some pine nuts ♥ then some coarsely graded parmigiana ♥ then more pine nuts ♥ then some olive oil ♥ and so on and so on until you have used it all! ♥ The trick is that some of the ingredients gets chopped very fine and some very coarse and this gives the pesto the best structure ever! ♥ yum -now put it on pasta, home made pizza, sandwiches or a salad! ...if only pine nuts were not so expensive...

Lisen: You have made us love our floors again -so now we won't paint them after all!
m: The beautiful vinyl-collection is all D's work. but i like having it around, even if it takes up a lot of space!
Emma: Totally fresh and new! he got it for christmas! i remember having a blue and purple one as a kid (what a strange colourcombo!) and i had written and drawn all over it.
Sammyrose: Yeah they are a really good solution. We inherited them from my father aunt and we are running out of space now.
Mascha: Hej! hyggeligt at høre fra dig! -og fantastisk at du kan lide min blog! Jeg bruger for det meste et Olympus e510, som jeg fik i sommers, men engang imellem bruger jeg dog også mit lille samsung nv8 som er et rigtig godt kompakt digi-kamera!
Fenke: I have got to get my self an espresso-cup -but im also pining for the egg-cup even though i do not eat eggs!! i just love his big hat!


Lisen said...

haha! nice to hear you love your floors again. I dont think they would look bad with paint eithere, but I think they are wonderful as they are. :)

I LOVE home made pesto too! Witch much garlic and parmesan...mmm! I like the red one you can buy in store though. Have'nt tried to make my own red. Have you?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I add walnuts to my pesto instead of pine nuts! It is a bit cheaper and pretty good too.

emma said...

omigod. it was over a year since i made pesto this way myself. so good to be reminded! thank YOU! parméééézan, how tasty that cheese is!

what did you use it for this time? (or have'nt you decided what's the first use yet)?

mmm, lookin delicious!

nilleren said...

mangler der ikke noget hvidløg? (du må gerne låne hvis det er)

m said...

can you post me a jar please! :)
how long does it keep in the fridge?

Brita said...

I love homemade pesto! I like the sound of your coarse/fine method too, I think I will try it next time. If the snails will stop eating my basil!

Maria said...

I love homemade pesto too, it has such a fresh taste!