✴ Ungt ✴ Blod's ✴ New ✴ Years ✴ Home ✴ Made ✴ Sushi ✴ Guide ✴

Here it is: Ungt Blod's New Years Home Made Sushi Guide -yesterday we had home-made pizza for lunch and homemade sushi for dinner! mmm... you should eat like that every day! This is my little guide to some simple maki-rolls. I am in no way an authority when it comes to sushi -i have no training and i don't really care if i do it "right" or not. But if you want to try out home made sushi this is a simple start! You will have to stop by an asian supermarket or the asia-aisle in your normal supermarket and pick up: Sushi rice wasabi-paste nori (the seaweed sheets) rice vinegar or sushi vinegar soy and what ever you want to put in the maki. I like: black sesames salmon tuna avocado mango cucumber and carrots -but really you can do what ever you want. The fish should be frozen for at least 48 hours to kill parasites and make it safe to eat raw. And if you are pregnant you should probably stay away from tuna. Last night i made rolls with salmon, carrots, cucumber, avocado and black sesames. Here we go:

follow the instructions that comes with the sushi rice. I rinse them, then soak them for about an hour, then cook them and let them cool down with a moist cloth over. When they are cooked you should mix them with sushi-vinegar; either some that is premixed or rice vinegar that you heat up gently with salt and sugar. Cooking sushi-rice is an artform -that i have not yet mastered! mine often gets a bit overcooked (yesterday too). But even if you cannot perfect the art, you can still make delicious sushi!

Chop your ingredients into sticks and mix some soy and wasabi paste (for dipping the maki in)

now for the fun part: It can make it easier to have a little mat to help rolling, but you can do without one too. Place the nori with the shiny side down and place a rim of rice on the lower half. Place your ingredients in the middle of the rice.

Then simply roll the nori tight, squeezing a little, until the empty half of the nori closes the roll (you can use a little rice vinegar or water to close the roll) Then you cut of the ends of the roll (i save them in a box for lunch the next day) and slice the roll as you like -i like my maki pretty flat. Serve them with the soy/wasabi mix and eat them with your hands! its really funny to make sushi -and to include your dinner-guests in the making too! Voila!

yesterday, for the first time, i tried to make an "inside-out" -where the rice is on the outside. You simply place the rice on the nori as usual and the turn the nori over (using baking-paper or something to cover the mat). Then you place the ingredients on the nori and carefully roll. Remember that the rice rim should be wider and on the last half of the nori. -i was not too happy with my first attempt and they can get really sticky eating too.

▶ Lena: I can't wait to we can have a kid over to play in it! i just know how much i would have loved it as a child!
Famapa: So cool that we are not the only ones with a quiet new years! it was such a nice day/night! and the cave truely is a-ma-zing! yesterday we tried fitting in there all three :)
Happy new year neighbour!
Mado: Happy new year to you too!
Hanna: haha -i love that something can be me! and it really is!
Lea: Of course -just knock when you need a little cave-time!
Emma: haha-i will tell my parents that you said so! i knew my mother would understand the crazy-coolness of the cave!
Stefanie: yes, that picture of me reading in the cave really caputures the cozyness!
Lisen: As soon as i saw it in the store i could not get it out of my head! and i also knew Rufus would love it! he is a cave-dog!


STEFANIE said...

Ooh thank you!! I will try this out when I find all the ingrediënts! ^-^

Hanna Åberg said...

thanks mette! I've been waiting for this

when skies are grey said...

They look yummy and beautiful, what a pretty how-to :)

Lena Thoft Sjöström said...

Yum, Yum!

Veja cecilia said...

Great post! I just love sushi:)I have never tryed to make my own but now it feels as if I should try it. Perhaps with my kids!
And that cave of yours, just so cosy!

Sarah Carlson said...

Cook book worthy. I will buy it if you publish:O)

Júlía. said...

I'm such a looser, I never give me the time to cook. I only cook things that take like 15 minutes.
One day I will give me the time, and then I'll look up this blog in the archives and make sushi !! :)

Godt nyt år! :)

emma said...

hallo! i love making my own sushi as well and this is an awesome guide! its so much easier than you think at first, isn't it!? first i thought it should be SO freakin hard, but no. and so tasty. nice with that mango-tips, i haven't been trying mango. cool.

Maria said...

mums! jag vill ha sushi NU! I tried to make the inside out too but I didn't succeed as well as you did:) the pics looks so fresh!

Mettch said...

bravo! your makis are so pretty! i never tried making the inside out makis before but you make it sound so easy.. i'll give it a go next time :) and of course, last but not least, happy new year! xx.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like you know your sushi very well!!!

I have to make these some time hopefully soon when I have well-milled rice instead of brown rice or half-milled rice that I normally eat.

Great blog you have!