Vík Prjónsdóttir

i first found Vik Prjónsdóttir last spring and have been crawing that blue anchor bedspread ever since! i was just reminded of it when i saw her wonderful Sealpelts over at What's wrong with the zoo. Wouldn't you just want to live in one of those these days? i do! -if only i had all the money in the world.

▶ Katrine NY: i totally want to see your parents dog going crazy! Rufus is usually so calm it always surprises me when i goes crazy like that -he can move so quickly!
Lea: YEah its kinda like when he escapes into your apartment and he knows he is not supposed to, so he runs around franticly!
Sylvester and mama: he is good fun!
Asphalt and air: they make you really happy, these pictures!
Laura: That is so crazy! thank god it was a cat so it could handle the fall! it was so much fun looking through all the photos, because i just kept clicking away and sometimes there would be one frame without rufus and then he would be back in the next!
Pappi: Oh dear pappi -you are the best! love your comment!
B: Hvor er du god til at beskrive ham -den beskrivelse kan han være stolt af!
▶ Brit: Its so crazy when he just seems to jump straight into the air or when he lands half way off the couch! i want to see your puppy going crazy!!
Mins: i love that poster. its one of my favourite things! its by Stine B Tranekjær and we also got another of her posters!
Nina: Godt at se dig online igen :) ja han er en hopper!


Lisen said...

Beautiful beadspread! :D

Katrine Ny said...

My parents' dog is going crazy on my blog now! :)
Jeg bliver ved med at vende tilbage til billederne af Rufus på sofaen, de er SÅ sjove!
Jeg er især vild med nr. 6, hvor han vender enden til. Jeg synes man kan se på hans ører og hale, at han morer sig! Cool dog!

Júlía. said...

I thought it was Brynhildur! Her/ their workspace is right above the coffee house where I work, and she comes down a lot for coffee.!

I've never seen a grown up wearing the suits before. But they look super cute of kids.

The bedspread is super awesome.

emma said...

so nice bedspread... hope that you could cath an ex, one day....

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've been eyeing that blanket in the scandinavian store on n.9th, it's so nice, I would love to own one!
Happy friday Mette!

Fine Little Day said...

Så fiint det där påslakanet, vill ha!

Malin said...

Urcellen Ellen