i feel like saying: Finally weekend! ...but im not sure there is a point to it, when you have to work... :) hope you are all gonna have a lovely and relaxing weekend -i have a lot of good plans in between the work.

Lisen: I hope you get to sleep all weekend -sleep a little extra for me!
BB: Mine goes pretty hot too, but im bad at letting that stop me.
Gracia: i have actually moved our bed sometimes, just so rufus could get a little more sun :) In the morning the sun is on our very long sofa, and R moves down the sofa with the sun. a couple times he has fallen of the sofa insearch of the sun :)
la_sale_bete:it is the best!
Julia: I so so get that. Some days (actually today too) all morning i promised my self that i could go to bed and take a nap as soon as i got home! :)



These days i spend a lot of my free time lying in bed. Sometimes the sofa just isn't enough for relaxing and you just want to withdraw to your bed with your computer and a movie. The sun has not been shining through the clouds since i took the pictures of rufus. today was full of rain. i stayed inside as much as i could.

Sarah Carlson: D never makes a lot of foam. i don't get that about him.
Kim: Hi hi! no i don't think we have mr. bubble here. My parents have a bathtub and bubble-bath is definitely a favorite thing to do when i visit.
BB: Oh yeah... champagne bubbles... i can't think of champagne without thinking of our wedding last summer.. which is pretty good.



if you've got to do the dishes, you might as well get some bubble-action.

Emma: I do that often: feel like he looks!
Kiwitz: he thanks you for the compliment
Sarah Carlson: i wonder what comes third.. maybe its just the thought of a dog lingering in the sun that hits your bed...
Lina: That dog loves to model!
Maria: dogs noses are really good -but sometimes really cold against your skin! rabbit noses are the cutest!
Fine little day: You are so very welcome! actually: Thank you!


first rays of light

Rufus is a sun-loving dog. i almost forgot how much until the first rays of sun hit his favourite sun spot to day: the bed. its nice to have a little cozy reminder that the sun and the light is actually returning! P.S. -i find this very funny.

Louise: Me too. i had actually saved the two others some time before and meant to post them, but then this came up and i knew it had to be included.
BB: Sometimes you (read I) just have to believe that inspiration can be more important than talent!


what a fine, fine day

Okay, so when you are done wasting time on stupid photos like those in the previous post, you need some real inspiration. And even if you all know it already im sending you to Elisabeth and her fantastic photography! She never fails to inspire me with her amazing photography of everyday life! You should also check out Lula and Studio Violet! Now!

Gamze: Good point!
Lisen: There was no bad food :) only bad theatre! and a good dog photo is always funny!
E: I repeat: A good dog photo is always, always funny!
M: Its the hardest thing to do. im yet to find a good system
Lina: Glad you like it!
B: håber det var en god weekend!! -det lyder som ret gode minder!
Epe: Oh thank you so very much! thank you for stopping by!
Emma: I definitely thought holland would get snow too! now all the snow is gone here too! saturday night it snowed and sunday morning it rained!
BB: Good to hear about your weekend! the pizza is home made and its very very dangerouse to get started on that! after i found out how easy it is to make delicious pizza, i can't see the point of making anything else :)


times a wasting

Speaking of time-prioritising. The other day i spent an obscene amount of time on this website. its a total waste of time, but also a good way to waste it :)

Gracia: The two pictures are from a theatre in copenhagen. i love the lightning! i hate that its always the wrong thing you drop!
Louise: its very dreamlike to be in that room -my father doesn't like it! he finds it too dreamlike -not enough difference between reality and theatre -i very much so disagree :)



here are a few shots from when my sweet, sweet parents visited last week. such a good time with music, art, great food and (bad) theatre (we left in the first intermission ..:). Im finding it hard to prioritize my time these days -to get enought time for working, writing my bachelor thesis, being with D and the dog, reading all the wonderfull blogs, seeing freinds, photographing and blogging... hope i can keep it all up!

when skies are grey: i could use a day more like that :)
Lina: You too. i don't know how world wide moomins are. i love the drawing style! in Denmark we also have sort of bad tv-cartoon with moomins, but the books are so much more beautiful!
Maikki: I totally get the Finnish thing -it is something to be proud of! im so drawn to their shape too! so soft and white!
Gamze: So cool that you blogged it!! snowcats look awsome! and i love seeing the ipod! lucky you!
Ai: i remember the story about Heidi from a childrens book. When we went to Schwitzerland when i was four or something, im sure that i saw her grandfathers house on top of a mountain!
BB: Hope its not going to be too hard a weekend. i work seven days a week right now, and even though some of the days are quite easy and short, im more and more thinking that everybody should have the weekend off!!



just a little moomin to get you to the weekend. I wish i had some moomin books. I never read them that much when i was a child, but now i seem drawn to them..

Kate: thanks!
Bettina: Det er lige, hvad jeg mener. sådan en helt stille dag.
Gamze: snowcats?? what is that? i would love to see my site on an ipod! how exiting :) my ipod broke and then i lost it so now i use my mobile phone for music.


snow days snow says

Snow has been drizzling slowly to the ground all day. I have had a lot of stuff to take care of, but it still ended up feeling like some sort of snow day with a movie and pizza for early dinner. I wish i could snow in for a couple of days and not leave the apartment -just looking out the window at the snow.

Hanna: Don't miss it! watch it!
Sandra: So . Do . I !!
Lea: :) den er altså rigtig fin! jeg fik bare ikke lagt billederne ind..
Bombay Beauty: Oh i know its just a machine, but i feel a little lost with out it..
SammyRose: Tak!
MotherSvea: The sunset was shot from a window a floor above us, and i love that you can see all the rooftops!
Júlía: We have them all :) when you have been deprived of futurama from so long you eat up all you can get, but the movies are a little... boring i think?


a normal day..

a day in three photographs.

Lisen: Cool! i like the white ones too -to bad they are moving away from that look. Mac is so much nicer to use than windows -there are so many nice features! and 4gb ram sounds Really good!!
M: Its been snowing all day here, but its such small snowflakes that it does not fill the ground.
Erica-knits: So glad you like them! i actually went by a bakery and their hindbærsnitter looked dull and dry compared to our home made ones!
Maria: Its all about finding the beauty. Much of the path was railroadtracks on the one side and abandoned land on the other :)
Lea: Vi skal helt sikkert gøre det igen snart! og tak for den fine pakke uden for døren! den bliver blogget i morgen!
Marie-eve: totally! we don't have a tv either and its so hard to live with out the entertainment from the computer!



YES! to day i went to Ballerup, a suburb to Copenhagen, to pick up my computer with its new hard drive! So good to have it back and hopefully its all better now. The trip is quite strange. Apple advised me to go to Ballerup instead of dropping the computer off here in town, but to get to the computerfixing place in Ballerup i had to go by bus and train and walk on a weird path along the tracks called Pederstrupstien. Luckily the weather was beautiful and i decided to document a little bit of Pedestrupstien.

Sopchan: It actually went okay and i did not let the mounts of snow on my bicycle get me down, when i went out the door at 6.30...
Anonymous: yeah it must smell really nice.. i love it when i catch the little dog toung in a photo!
BB: oh, i will have to do a little celebration and convience the dog that its his birthday
Lea: Tak for hjælpen i dag -hyggeligt at drikke kaffe!!
Júlía: its one of those moments you can't control -we could have put treats behind D's ear, but i don't think we would have imagine how cute a picture it would make!
May: or a weekend spend working. but eventhough i work every weekend, i still get that weekend feeling -maybe its because D has the weekend all free.
Gracia: Nicely put! -and i think you are right about the portrait! the composition is great for a painting!
Brinja: Nogle dage er det rart at være anonym. Jeg har problemer med at få taget alle billederne på filmen! tror jeg sparer for meget!
Lisen: Its sooo the right choice! what kind of mac are you getting?? i just love the aesthetics of a mac compared to a pc.
Maria: Ha ha -i totally know what you mean! an old screen does not fit together with a new apartment! ..its a dangourous logic!
Fine little day: Heja, heja!
Kiwitz: I love my computer too much to find it relaxing.. especially because i did not know when i would get it back or what the problem was! so funny about your dog! Whippets are the best breed in the world!



i miss my computer. i can't really do any photo editing before it returns. it better soon!!! i will reply you all later -im on borrowed time :)


that weekend feeling

a little bit of that weekend feeling. Im gonna miss it. Some Sundays it seems impossible that i will ever get up Monday morning.

Sandra: :) you are sweet. its one of those perfect moments you can't fake.
Emma: thank you! i feel like maybe we should celebrate rufus.. maybe we can pretend its his birthday again next saturday...
Lina: Thanks! the shirt is a dress from Henrik Vibskov. Its one of my favourites! i think the perfect gift for rufus would be a long run at the beach. We will have to find time for that soon.
Pamplemousse: Mmmm... meatcake.. (said like Homer Simpson)
Lisen: Tak fra alle tre!
Hanna: Tak!
Maikki: Thank you -the first pic is the official family-portrait - the second is my favourite!
Maria: Happy Valentines day! -and thank you.
Júlía: Im not against pet-birthdays either, but we have never really celebrated R's birthday.. i don't know why
Katrine: God weekend! nr. to er også min favorit. Vi havde faktisk ikke rigtig nogle billeder af os alle tre før..
Ai: its cute i know -is Databank the casio-watch? its so cool -acutally we share it, but i never really wear a watch.
Asphalt and air: Thanks -it was actually a little weird putting it up, because i rarely post such "direct" portraits.
B: he, he -ja vi må heller fejre ham lidt en af dagene...
Vintageveggie: Thank you! and thanks for stopping by! Your blog looks cool too!


love and dogs

Happy Valentines day! And Happy Rufus' Birthday! -none of which we actually celebrate... The photos are from a little series of family-portraits we took the other day as a gift for my mothers birthday. They have got both love and the little birthday dog, so you can just imagine the celebrations.. Rufus is three years old to day!! -which adds up to 21 dog-years -just think: Next year he will be older than us! and he doesn't even know it! What do you guys think? -should we be celebrating his birthday?

Laura: And good luck with yours! Rufus doesn't particularly like being dressed up, but he lets us do anything to him :)
Lisen: Hvor smart at man kan tage dem fra hinanden igen! D havde også en dobblet dyne, men ny bruger vi to enkle... vi er for grådige begge to!
Lina: Yeah he does -i have no idea how he made the little cave! and cool tag -i will get on it in the next week!
Brita: Doona -i like!
Roberta Jane: Cool shop! i have made a little, simple coat for rufus but a sweater would be so cool!
Louise: I was afraid the t-shirt photo would seem mean, but im glad you think its cute :)
Fanny: I won't be able to stop :)