6th of 6th

i was tagged! twice! a loong time ago. By Lea and Emma: “Open the 6th picture-folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.” Here is finally the 6th photo of my 6th folder. I have done a similar tag some time ago with the 4th of the 4th, and that time i chose from my inspiration folder -this time i looked into my photo-library and found this very significant photo to be the 6th of the 6th.

It is D and Rufus on our very first day with the sweet little doggy back in 2006! Whippets are some what rare in Denmark and we travelled across the country by train to pick him up. When we were finally home D and sweet little Rufus fell asleep right away. (Though when this picture was taken he actually did not have a name yet)

Its one of my favourite pictures from that time! Right from the beginning the little puppy felt totally at home with us: he had left his mother for the first time and travelled by car and train and now found him self with total strangers -and still he fell right asleep on the chest of his new master. -He still does this, but its not quite as cozy since his weight on your chest makes it hard to breathe.....

Actually valentines day next Saturday is Rufus' third birthday. I can't believe he is really three years old... Now for tagging. I think I'm gonna stick to three tags instead of six: Fredrik, Bombay Beauty and Sarah Carlson

Maria: When i was a kid i only liked the "hat" of a boiled egg -you know the little piece you knock off. I think that it was the first sign that i really just did not like eggs .)
Ashley: hi hi -I'm so sorry! Hope the chocolate was delicious!
Mieke+Willems: Thank you. i hope he will like it when he gets older too! its hard to find something lasting for boys, i think!
Fine little Day: thanks - they make a lot of really good stuff and the posters we have by Stine are some of my absolute favourite things!
Daniela: Thank you so much! an award! how exiting!
Amy: ha ha -what a nice dream!


Hanna Åberg said...

oh puppy rufus! what a nice picture :)

emma said...

:D !!

fanny said...

adooooorable (pronounced the French way).
xx fanny

Bombay Beauty said...

Fantastic picture -- Actually, when I had seen you were tagged, I had already looked up my 6 / 6, so I'll blog on it soon! BB

Katrine Ny said...

So sweet. Makes your heart melt.

Sarah Carlson said...

Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. If it weren't for the fact that it would be far too weird to have someone else's husband and dog as a screensaver on my laptop, I would have snatched it from your blog right away.

Oh, and thanks for the tag!

Maria said...

ojoj so sweet! I loved to read this little story about Rufus;)

and btw, I never anwered but my sisters internship (or practice- the same thing or?) is at a friend of ours, photographer lukas renlund.

Lisen said...

Oh my!
what more can I say...?! Sweet!

famapa said...

so sweet! it's making me want a dog again :)

(I say again because there was this horrible story in the paper of a little baby that got mauled by two dogs and I thought "I think I'll stick with cats...")

OMG!!!!! you won't believe what my word verification is!!! it's barkdog! it's a sign!!!!!!!!