animals from jungle

I have found this great bucket of foam-animals you can stick everywhere and anywhere. I think i will have to make up a little story about animals from the jungle ending up in copenhagen, and then put the story to life through foam-animals in our apartment ..maybe even the whole city?? Not much of an opinion about labels, ha? well im gonna do them anyway because i feel like doing some blog-tinkering.

Emma: Nicely spotted -the dizzee rascal record that is. I love that line: Fix up look sharp!
Fine Little Day: The other day i thought maybe i should borrow D's fantastic hat, but my head is too small! i doesn't work on me!
Lea: Tak søde Lea -som sagt er jeg ved at tage mig sammen... :)
Lisen: Ha Ha! I can totally see that! but in the boring reality it is the top of my tall leather boots (riding-boot-style) -with those plastic things in them, that keep them upright!
Júlía: Lucky you! D doesn't cook as much as i would like -especially when i taste his baking!
Sopchan: Thanks for your opinion about labels! im gonna do them!
BB: oh you are too kind!


Lynn and Horst said...

looks like the hedgehog is making love to the squirrel

Sarah Carlson said...

Creating miniature wildlife sceneries is the best! Can't wait to see more. Maybe you can do your own "The Science of Sleep" inspired version of BBC's Planet Earth series. And record the whole thing.

Loved the wedding cup-cakes, by the way. They've must have been such a treat to decorate!

Maria said...

nice foams, great idea:)) I have to tell my little sister (who actually is now in cph for 2 months, doing her internship!) to look for the animals around the city hihi:) do it!

Bombay Beauty said...

And how lovely that you still have vinyl in your collection! I think the foam animals should be set free! Slip in a few every time you write a letter, or leave a sprinkling behind you as you go... BB