if you've got to do the dishes, you might as well get some bubble-action.

Emma: I do that often: feel like he looks!
Kiwitz: he thanks you for the compliment
Sarah Carlson: i wonder what comes third.. maybe its just the thought of a dog lingering in the sun that hits your bed...
Lina: That dog loves to model!
Maria: dogs noses are really good -but sometimes really cold against your skin! rabbit noses are the cutest!
Fine little day: You are so very welcome! actually: Thank you!


Sarah Carlson said...

Hear hear!!! I will do the same tonight;OP

kim said...

do you have mr. bubble in denmark? (it's bubble bath, not dish soap, but it smells sooooo good and the bottle is really fun!). I should send you some if you don't have any there.

kim said...

here he is: Mr. Bubble

Bombay Beauty said...

Bubbles are very relaxing. We need more bubbles (see also Champagne). BB

Júlía. said...

Haha, always nice to make the best of things! Bubbles are the best when in the bath though.. At least that's how I feel!