burgers and bed

home-made cheeseburgers and curling up in a warm bed! thats what i want to day! -but these photos are last week, and right now is work, work, work.

Hanna: it was such a special moment so it one of my favourites!
Emma: &;D
Fanny: indeed (pronounced with a very british accent)
BB: Perfect :)
Kathrine: It makes the heart melt, the teeth ache and the knees weak!
Sarah: Ha HA -i like that: "so who is the man and the dog on you screen?" "-well.... strangers....."
Maria: Glad you liked it! How cool for your sister! he looks really good!
Lisen: There isn't much to say! -i love his little short legs and snout (i know, they are only short compared to now)


em said...

hehe, it looks like rufus transformed himself into a frisbee! ;)

Lynn and Horst said...

now i am hungry

lina said...

oh i wish i could be in bed too!

lisen said...

haha "behind a burger"

sandra said...

i'm in love.

Júlía. said...

lovely photo of rufus. he looks like one of my cats all cuddled up!