a day at the beach part II - a man and his dog

my man looks like a yellow penguin when we go out -or maybe just a chicken? they are both cute no matter what..

Fanny: very hungry!
Lea: Yeah, i can't get over how happy he looks in those pictures! makes me wanna go down there every day!
Laura: Yeah it would make the greatest flip-book!
Lisen: hihi -thats true. hope your arm is better by the way! he is generally not that bothered by the salt, but wounds and salt is a bad combo!
Hanna: Yes i guess that is right -but the road salt is probably mixed with all sorts of nasty dirt. Two years ago we had to go the the animal ER becaus he had gotton an infection in his paw from something he stepped on :(
Lina: Yes, you can really see that he is in his right element!
Sopchan: I have no idea what Natto is -even after doing a google picturesearch im not sure :)
BB: What a funny coincidence! I actually think it was my mom who mentioned the name first and we are really happy with it! even our Vet said to us that it was a great dog name (I think she hears alot of strange names!) -it was only some time after we decided on it, that we realized that the dogfood we gave our old dog was called Rufus ;) So now Rufus eats Rufus-dogfood!


emma said...

haha, yes, bur it is so nice, that hat and the colour! last posts are so beautiful. can sense the sea-and-beach-smell ... mm. i miss the beach in skåne ... a bit...when i watch these photos.

Alice said...

Amager ?

B said...

Savner jer, håber i har haft en god weekend, jeg er sluttet i vuggestuen, snøft...knuser fra B

lisen said...

great hat! With sunglasses it would be perfect if you wanna be anonymous. :) (but then you cant have Rufus with you, it would uncover you! OR - get one for Rufus too hihi)

Maria said...

so sweet! I like his cool hat too:))

sandra said...

what a wonderful way to spend sunday! i love love love the second pic from the bottom.

Júlía. said...

The top picture with the seaweed on the beach is lovely. I miss amager.

I love these hats. They are sooo cooool!

Katrine Ny said...

Where did he get that hat???
I want one too! It's SO cold outside these days!
Love all of the beach pics. The series you made with Rufus at the top of the last post is gorgeous! You can really see how much he enjoys running around.

em said...

he-lo. i just tagged you mette! :)

Fine Little Day said...

I need a nice hat like that!