Get the tiger!

I never showed you the poster we got Ivan for his baptism! Along with two records (one by some strange 80ies disco-singer named Ivan) and a cactus (cus my sister got one for her baptism), we got him this poster by Stine B. Tranekjær and Anne Werner! Stine B. Tranekjær is the fantastic artist behind our two giant posters as well.

Lea: Im sorry, im sorry -i have been holding off posting this, because this place is turning into a foodblog!
Sarah: It is exactly the potatoes -and the cheese- that makes it work for me! you should try it! im so happy that i like it, but i will still keep far away from eggs boiled, fried or scrambled.
BB: Out with the nutricious proteinbars -in with the fatty omelet-proteins!!
Ai: Thats exactly what i love about it! Emil really knows just how to season things -so it is simple, but has so much taste!
K: I will look around :) im so happy the place turned out so magnificent or it would have been a real letdown.
Veja Cecilia: When i read your comment my stomach was growling and i was trying to pull myself together and cook some breakfast! you got me out of bed :)


Maria said...

I love the posters!! They show so much happiness:)

mieke willems said...

that's really a nice present!

Fine Little Day said...

I agree, very nice!

Daniela said...

You have been nominee..... :)

Your blog is very cozy,nice and friendly...
It deserves an award.... :D

See you...