just a little moomin to get you to the weekend. I wish i had some moomin books. I never read them that much when i was a child, but now i seem drawn to them..

Kate: thanks!
Bettina: Det er lige, hvad jeg mener. s├ądan en helt stille dag.
Gamze: snowcats?? what is that? i would love to see my site on an ipod! how exiting :) my ipod broke and then i lost it so now i use my mobile phone for music.


lina said...

oh i love this! i have never heard of the moomins,but i just wikied them & i like it! they make me smile:]
hope you had a good week.

Anonymous said...

The Moomins are an excellent subject to be drawn to!
I wish I'll be able to live like them one day...

The Dangerous Midsummer (if that's what it's called in English, Farlig midsommar in Swedish, I think) is the only Moomin book I remeber reading, but it is very good (I guess being fond and proud of the Moomins is essential when you're Finnish :). I've only read parts of the other books and comics (which seem to be excellent and kind of weird as well). But I'm a fan of Tove Jansson's nevertheless as I love love love her drawing style. Am in the middle of reading her biography actually.

Anonymous said...

the cat is funny. And the answers are on my blooog

Anonymous said...

Was the Moomins the world-wide phenomenon? I remember watching the TV show as a kid, and everybody else knows the Moomins here more or less.

You know, these things are funny. My Spanish friends can sing the theme tune to this Japanese animation "Heidi, Girl from the Alps" (,_Girl_of_the_Alps) in Spanish. It also cracked me up when I found out that the Italians grew up watching Calimero (, another Japanese animation (though I just found out the original mascot was indeed Italian!).

Bombay Beauty said...

Many thanks for that moomin... Certainly got Saturday off to a start. Now if I can only get through this weekend which my coworker has just informed me is going to be one of hard work! But I just got a chance to reply your tag! BB