I found these beautiful pieces heart-shaped nature over at black eiffel! just what you need on a grey day like today. Actually it just started snowing a little bit. On the one hand I'm happy to finally get a little snow - on the other I was looking so much forward to spring, that I almost thought it would come now!

Em: he he -how cool would that game of Frisbee be??
Lynn&Horst: You better be!
Lina: I need afternoon naps these days!
Lisen: D's the seasoning on my burger
Maria: I seem to only take pictures of food these days! i need to mix things up a bit!
Famapa: Barkdog is totally a sign! you should just get a little Rufus-dog! they will never bite!
Sandra: okay, okay, i probably can't stop all together!
Louise: The problem is i always get really hungry too!
Ai: I won't be able too, but i should tone it down before every post is about food -that's what we got your blog for!
Hanna: just think, if you could live off eating with your eyes! ...so you could taste all the good things you see online!
Júlía: Yeah, whippets are supposed to be very cat-like!
Mothersvea: once i went home from work in my lunch break because i craved pancakes so much!
Sasha: Its a could idea, if it wasn't because my pancakes are totally random! just eggs, milk, flour, sugar and vanilla. -the thinness is decided by how much flour i use!
Marie-Eve: i would love that right now!!


Bombay Beauty said...

Well, I don't know how you are going to top this for Valentine's day! I don't usually miss the grey skies that London and Copenhagen seem share in common; sometimes, perhaps, when I'm a little moody myself I like the weather to keep my company... BB

Anonymous said...

hahaha, cool! romantic woods..