a normal day..

a day in three photographs.

Lisen: Cool! i like the white ones too -to bad they are moving away from that look. Mac is so much nicer to use than windows -there are so many nice features! and 4gb ram sounds Really good!!
M: Its been snowing all day here, but its such small snowflakes that it does not fill the ground.
Erica-knits: So glad you like them! i actually went by a bakery and their hindbærsnitter looked dull and dry compared to our home made ones!
Maria: Its all about finding the beauty. Much of the path was railroadtracks on the one side and abandoned land on the other :)
Lea: Vi skal helt sikkert gøre det igen snart! og tak for den fine pakke uden for døren! den bliver blogget i morgen!
Marie-eve: totally! we don't have a tv either and its so hard to live with out the entertainment from the computer!


emma said...

i like this normal.

Hanna Åberg said...

oh, futurama! I miss that

sandra said...

i say yippie to computer comeback!

lea said...

fint solnedgangsbillede! mht. trøjen så kan i bare smide den ud, hvis den ikke passer. no strings attached i forhold til at beholde den eller blogge den : )

Bombay Beauty said...

My computer is back just now -- perhaps you head the cheer on the other side of the Atlantic? Now I can catch up with many things, including my overdue tag reply! BB

Anonymous said...

What a lovely sunset! :)

Júlía. said...

Futurama is the best! Have you seen any of the films?