last sunday i decided to repeat the brunch success, but with one crucial addition: an omelet! I have never in my life been able to eat eggs -or dishes where eggs are the overshadowing main ingredient. I just simply do not like eggs! and therefore my brunches has always lacked something crucial! Then last weekend i visited my cousin and his wife together with my sister, her man and Ivan, and my sisters man Emil -who is a fantastic cook - made omelet for lunch! well i was hungry and didn't want to be rude, so i took a piece and WOW! That omelet was not just eatable -it was DEL.ICIO.US! So i got the recipe and tried it out both for dinner and a miniature for brunch. Perfect! Here is the recipe, courtesy of Emil : mix 2-3 grated potatoes with one onion + one clove of garlic. If you like, ad any other vegetable you like -finely chopped. add salt + pepper + some thing sweet -for example honey + some wine/wine vinegar. Now fry the whole thing in some olive oil for 5-10 minutes so it covers the pan. Then mix: 5-7 eggs + olive oil + grated cheese + one decilitre of sour cream + one teaspoon of mustard + salt + pepper + thyme/oregano/what ever you want. Pour this mixture over the potato mix and cook on medium heat with a lit over! I tell you it is just delicious can hardly taste the eggs...

Lea: Yeah -even I could spend a day looking through the Rufus Doofus section!
Lottie: I really had to force my self to forget that i was standing in the middle of them! just close my eyes and shoot!
Emma: the swans did so many cool things, but i only had my little digicamera and it wasn't fast enough!
Sylvester and mama: We were at a wedding at the cityhall and when somebody threw rice the pigeons went MAD and almost attacked the bride!
Hanna: I bet seagulls are more evil in københavn than anywhere else.
Bettina: åh nej -det lyder også mega surt!
Lisen: You are sweet! D always think i have too much rufus on the blog, but i tell him: Thats what my readers want!!
Kathrine: Nej, det så jeg ikke? men jeg kunne sagtens forestille mig det! for at spare spiser vi i forvejen meget lidt kød -tilgengæld køber vi altid billige :( det er ikke godt!
Maikki: Lets decide that they are nice from a distance! we used to live a place where we could hear the harbour. i love the sounds!
BB: flying reptiles! ugghh!
Steph.: I have thought about giving rufus a blog, but who would read my blog then?? Maybe if i combine a trip from billund with a visit to my parents it would be cheap. these days you can actually fly cheaper to jutland than by train.
Lina: Thank you!
Mothersvea: Now, THAT is scary! seagulls taking over a whole street. my mother just told me about a place where she used to work and she had to cross through a place where lots of seagulls lived.


lea said...

mette it looks extremely delicious and makes me instanty hungry! eventhough i already had lunch. i will try that omelet recipe, sound like one not to miss : )

Sarah Carlson said...

I completely relate to you with the egg neurosis! I simple cannot eat a boiled egg. Even at gun point I wouldn't! But this omelet sounds so yummy. The potato addition is intriguing:O)

Bombay Beauty said...

I cannot stop staring at this picture. Now I've stopped and am looking back and forth between this picture and my highly organic, highly nutritious... protein bar.


PS Love recipes in decilitres. You see in Canada we switched to SI, but the government decided we couldn't handle anything more than the basics (litres, millilitres). I'm also troubled that my computer wants me to spell this milliliter.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good recipe. Not too complicated but has enough ingredients and seasonings to add a bit of complexity to the taste. I'd love to try it!!!

Have a great weekend. ;-)


Veja cecilia said...

This makes me so hungry! I need breakfast NOW!

Maria said...

Yummy!! Gotta have that NOW:D
I also don't really like boiled eggs, or I can never eat the yellow, only the white...but I do like scrambled eggs or omelets!

ashley said...

i have been so busy to get a chance to pop into your blog. and now i am leaving it starving:)
those eggs look super yummy and so do most of the beautiful foods you have been posting~ off to munch on some chocolate!:)
x ashley