here are a few shots from when my sweet, sweet parents visited last week. such a good time with music, art, great food and (bad) theatre (we left in the first intermission ..:). Im finding it hard to prioritize my time these days -to get enought time for working, writing my bachelor thesis, being with D and the dog, reading all the wonderfull blogs, seeing freinds, photographing and blogging... hope i can keep it all up!

when skies are grey: i could use a day more like that :)
Lina: You too. i don't know how world wide moomins are. i love the drawing style! in Denmark we also have sort of bad tv-cartoon with moomins, but the books are so much more beautiful!
Maikki: I totally get the Finnish thing -it is something to be proud of! im so drawn to their shape too! so soft and white!
Gamze: So cool that you blogged it!! snowcats look awsome! and i love seeing the ipod! lucky you!
Ai: i remember the story about Heidi from a childrens book. When we went to Schwitzerland when i was four or something, im sure that i saw her grandfathers house on top of a mountain!
BB: Hope its not going to be too hard a weekend. i work seven days a week right now, and even though some of the days are quite easy and short, im more and more thinking that everybody should have the weekend off!!


gracia said...

Reminiscent of falling stars... in those last two photos.

And I well understand that feeling of hoping to be able to keep it all up... juggling everything is something I am not all that good at... I always drop something accidentally.

louise said...

Falling stars, yes, they sure do look like that. Fantastic photos.

lisen said...

mm, that pizza! ( what was the bad food?) I love the wall with so many pictures!

m said...

I'm always finding it hard to get myself to write my assignments! It takes me all morning to psych myself up and eventually I succeed by noon!

epe said...

I really like your blog!

Bombay Beauty said...

In the end it wasn't too bad a weekend. I did work full days both Saturday and Sunday but also managed to get out to see friends and watch the Oscars... Was that a pizza you made at home? I'm become convinced this is something I must start to do (though it's risky because I have the potential to become a pizza addict...)