YES! to day i went to Ballerup, a suburb to Copenhagen, to pick up my computer with its new hard drive! So good to have it back and hopefully its all better now. The trip is quite strange. Apple advised me to go to Ballerup instead of dropping the computer off here in town, but to get to the computerfixing place in Ballerup i had to go by bus and train and walk on a weird path along the tracks called Pederstrupstien. Luckily the weather was beautiful and i decided to document a little bit of Pedestrupstien.

Sopchan: It actually went okay and i did not let the mounts of snow on my bicycle get me down, when i went out the door at 6.30...
Anonymous: yeah it must smell really nice.. i love it when i catch the little dog toung in a photo!
BB: oh, i will have to do a little celebration and convience the dog that its his birthday
Lea: Tak for hjælpen i dag -hyggeligt at drikke kaffe!!
Júlía: its one of those moments you can't control -we could have put treats behind D's ear, but i don't think we would have imagine how cute a picture it would make!
May: or a weekend spend working. but eventhough i work every weekend, i still get that weekend feeling -maybe its because D has the weekend all free.
Gracia: Nicely put! -and i think you are right about the portrait! the composition is great for a painting!
Brinja: Nogle dage er det rart at være anonym. Jeg har problemer med at få taget alle billederne på filmen! tror jeg sparer for meget!
Lisen: Its sooo the right choice! what kind of mac are you getting?? i just love the aesthetics of a mac compared to a pc.
Maria: Ha ha -i totally know what you mean! an old screen does not fit together with a new apartment! ..its a dangourous logic!
Fine little day: Heja, heja!
Kiwitz: I love my computer too much to find it relaxing.. especially because i did not know when i would get it back or what the problem was! so funny about your dog! Whippets are the best breed in the world!


lisen said...

hey, welcome back!

I'm getting a little white one! I think the white ones is so nice, nicer than the new silvercoloures ones...hehe...-then the seller told me the white ones comes as new & upgraded to the same as the new Mac...(but not the new kind of screen). So, old look + new inside, and 4 gb ram. :) I'm changing cause so many of my friends have Mac mow.. and yeah, why not? It looks nicer yes, but people say its so crazy simple too..hm, thats great. I just got to try myself. As a change or something..?

m said...

I wish it was still snowing here in the UK!

Maria said...

pedestrupstien looks calm and beautiful! good to have your computer back:)

lea said...

selv tak og i lige måde - det var hyggeligt at drikke kaffe, det må vi altså gøre noget oftere! fin dokumentation af den indtil i dag for mig ukendte pederstrupstien : )

mieke willems said...

oh, at first i thought on one of the photos that it were 2 spiders fighting!! nice ones!