These days i spend a lot of my free time lying in bed. Sometimes the sofa just isn't enough for relaxing and you just want to withdraw to your bed with your computer and a movie. The sun has not been shining through the clouds since i took the pictures of rufus. today was full of rain. i stayed inside as much as i could.

Sarah Carlson: D never makes a lot of foam. i don't get that about him.
Kim: Hi hi! no i don't think we have mr. bubble here. My parents have a bathtub and bubble-bath is definitely a favorite thing to do when i visit.
BB: Oh yeah... champagne bubbles... i can't think of champagne without thinking of our wedding last summer.. which is pretty good.


lisen said...

i like those lamps so much! bed is a nice place. I have not spend so much time in mine this week, hope to get some SOVMORGON (whats that called in english??) in the weekend...zzzzz..

Bombay Beauty said...

I would like to use my Mac in bed, but it runs very hot. But at the same time I don't have a cuddly, warm Rufus at hand, so perhaps the computer is a substitute? I would really like to outfit my Mac in cowhide if (a) that weren't bad for the computer and (b) I didn't prefer to avoid animal skins as far as possible... BB

gracia said...

My Omar (an elderly Siamese cat) is a sun-lover too. I am forever moving him about the house, in search of sun, on top of the ironing board (his favourite place to sleep). He lies sprawled out on the ironing board, beneath skylight or by window, and demands to be moved when the sun shifts.

Wishing you light days, g

Júlía. said...

I understand completely. At particularly dark days I wish I never had to get out of bed and go out.. But I can comfort myself with the thought that the bed will be right where I left it when I come home.. Hah.

ep said...

lovely lamp!

brinja said...

Bed is the best place to be when it's dark, cold and grey.