Among the photos from my old mobile phone are some rufus-doofus ones. Dressing him up in giant t-shirts and finding him some how wrapped up in a giant duvet (why is it that there is no good word for the danish word "dyne"? -i guess duvet is the most accurate one, but its sounds sort of... girlish! i love my dyne/duvet and i don't understand why the whole world does not use one!!) I can't wait to see the result of my analogue adventures -it will be fun to be able to choose between three different photo-looks: tacky mobil phone, classy dslr and retro analogue.

Alice: So strange! good luck with your adventures! i can feel that i will be a while before i get a full roll shot and developed.
Júlía: Yeah, it is an addiction, but its also... productive and inspiring and usefull :) Cool that you could fix it! i always back up everything, so i don't think i have lost anything!
Ninja Hanna: Yeah its a really cool bag! hard-box and everything. im affraid that im too cheap to go all analogue -digital is practicly free!
Lottie: Im so glad to hear you have had a OM10! i wasn't really able to find anything about it online and i love your style!
Kid A: Yeah more than enough! i should really try out all the four lenses with the first roll -and remember what photos i took with which!! good luck with your analogue-adventure! it feels like an adventure, because you don't know the result!
B: Det skal jeg gøre! han sniger sig ind alle steder!!
Sarah: I agree -i almost hope that one of the cameras has some sort of flaw :)
Lina: I hope i can get them on a cd-rom, so i don't have to scan them myself! my scanner is so bad.. hmmm.. we will see!
Alice: Thank you -and yeah, he sneaks his little paws in everywhere! typical!


Laura said...

ha! reminds me of when i was a kid, putting clothes on my little calico Muffin. Rufus looks much more amendable to the idea...

i recently went back to trying out analog with the purchase of a Holga. so impatient waiting for the roll to be developed. hopefully the photos don't come out as a bunch of black squares, Holgas are so tricky, though i guess it is nice to relinquish control over our art sometimes...good luck with your experiments!

Lisen said...

Jag har ett duntäcke som är 2 in 1. Finns på IKEA. Love it. Sticka också! :)

(Man kan ta isär dem om man vill).

trevlig helg!

lina said...

aw. rufus looks so comfy cozy in that second photo!

& i have tagged you:]

Brita said...

We call it a doona. Slightly better than duvet but perhaps not as good as dyne. I also love my doona!

Roberta Jane said...

Love the t-shirt picture! He looks so awkward! It's so hard to find clothes for greyhounds/whippets because of their shape... but I did find the cutest hand knit sweaters for IGs on ETSY:

Maybe they make it in Whippet size?!?!

louise said...

Love the t-shirt photo, so cute. I also love a doona, however mine is old and has definitely seen better days so I'm not that attached to it.