snow days snow says

Snow has been drizzling slowly to the ground all day. I have had a lot of stuff to take care of, but it still ended up feeling like some sort of snow day with a movie and pizza for early dinner. I wish i could snow in for a couple of days and not leave the apartment -just looking out the window at the snow.

Hanna: Don't miss it! watch it!
Sandra: So . Do . I !!
Lea: :) den er altså rigtig fin! jeg fik bare ikke lagt billederne ind..
Bombay Beauty: Oh i know its just a machine, but i feel a little lost with out it..
SammyRose: Tak!
MotherSvea: The sunset was shot from a window a floor above us, and i love that you can see all the rooftops!
Júlía: We have them all :) when you have been deprived of futurama from so long you eat up all you can get, but the movies are a little... boring i think?


B said...

Ja, jeg ville gerne have et par dage, hvor det slet ikke var muligt at forlade lejligheden, og bare sidde i vinduet og kigge ud på det samfund, man bare engang imellem ville ønske stod stille:) det kunne være hyggeligt syntes jeg:)De´jlig vinter weekend til jer:)

Anonymous said...

Your page looks good on my new ipod :) we (me and memo (my boyfriend,he is in Italy) want snow too. We want to make snowcats.

when skies are grey said...

Sounds so cozy...snow outside and a movie and pizza inside, i like this :)

emma said...

Ooh, I love these photos! (And damn, I miss having winter. I feel like I went without winter this year - being in Holland, although I had a little bit in December in Helsinki.)