that weekend feeling

a little bit of that weekend feeling. Im gonna miss it. Some Sundays it seems impossible that i will ever get up Monday morning.

Sandra: :) you are sweet. its one of those perfect moments you can't fake.
Emma: thank you! i feel like maybe we should celebrate rufus.. maybe we can pretend its his birthday again next saturday...
Lina: Thanks! the shirt is a dress from Henrik Vibskov. Its one of my favourites! i think the perfect gift for rufus would be a long run at the beach. We will have to find time for that soon.
Pamplemousse: Mmmm... meatcake.. (said like Homer Simpson)
Lisen: Tak fra alle tre!
Hanna: Tak!
Maikki: Thank you -the first pic is the official family-portrait - the second is my favourite!
Maria: Happy Valentines day! -and thank you.
Júlía: Im not against pet-birthdays either, but we have never really celebrated R's birthday.. i don't know why
Katrine: God weekend! nr. to er også min favorit. Vi havde faktisk ikke rigtig nogle billeder af os alle tre før..
Ai: its cute i know -is Databank the casio-watch? its so cool -acutally we share it, but i never really wear a watch.
Asphalt and air: Thanks -it was actually a little weird putting it up, because i rarely post such "direct" portraits.
B: he, he -ja vi må heller fejre ham lidt en af dagene...
Vintageveggie: Thank you! and thanks for stopping by! Your blog looks cool too!


sopchan said...

Oh, I *totally* understand that feeling! Last Sunday it was coming up to 11pm and I just thought that it must be a mistake that I had to get up for work on Monday, it felt terribly, terribly wrong!
I hope Monday goes well for you :)

lea said...

hey mette didn't get to comment on the previous post with the lovely pictures of the three of you. great photos! and thanks for the happy birthday wish : )

may said...

oh, that weekend feeling. must be better than that weekend-spent-writing-an-essay feeling. :)

gracia said...

That Sunday feeling, yes, I know it well... the best end to a week if ever there was.