i feel like saying: Finally weekend! ...but im not sure there is a point to it, when you have to work... :) hope you are all gonna have a lovely and relaxing weekend -i have a lot of good plans in between the work.

Lisen: I hope you get to sleep all weekend -sleep a little extra for me!
BB: Mine goes pretty hot too, but im bad at letting that stop me.
Gracia: i have actually moved our bed sometimes, just so rufus could get a little more sun :) In the morning the sun is on our very long sofa, and R moves down the sofa with the sun. a couple times he has fallen of the sofa insearch of the sun :)
la_sale_bete:it is the best!
Julia: I so so get that. Some days (actually today too) all morning i promised my self that i could go to bed and take a nap as soon as i got home! :)


B said...

Jeg skal rigtig nyde min weekend, lidt stilhed før stormen, så står den på eksamen hele marts, og derefter bachlor...så denne weekend skal bare være stille og rolig, ikke langt fra sofaen:)God og dejlig weekend til dig og min lillebror:)

lisen said...

Oh, I will sleep a little bit for you :) Hope your weekend will be great - at work and between! Are you going to take some time off work after the weekend then? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

what is that thing stuck to your window?

i am working today, too! that makes the two of us. happy weekend nonetheless!

Bombay Beauty said...

Hope you get a bit of weekend this weekend... BB

Johnny said...

hope your weekend is as relaxing as that photo!