what a fine, fine day

Okay, so when you are done wasting time on stupid photos like those in the previous post, you need some real inspiration. And even if you all know it already im sending you to Elisabeth and her fantastic photography! She never fails to inspire me with her amazing photography of everyday life! You should also check out Lula and Studio Violet! Now!

Gamze: Good point!
Lisen: There was no bad food :) only bad theatre! and a good dog photo is always funny!
E: I repeat: A good dog photo is always, always funny!
M: Its the hardest thing to do. im yet to find a good system
Lina: Glad you like it!
B: håber det var en god weekend!! -det lyder som ret gode minder!
Epe: Oh thank you so very much! thank you for stopping by!
Emma: I definitely thought holland would get snow too! now all the snow is gone here too! saturday night it snowed and sunday morning it rained!
BB: Good to hear about your weekend! the pizza is home made and its very very dangerouse to get started on that! after i found out how easy it is to make delicious pizza, i can't see the point of making anything else :)


louise said...

Love the 1st photo, heaps.

Bombay Beauty said...

I really like the first one! I must find some inspiration myself, but perhaps I should first look for some talent! BB

Fine Little Day said...

Oh, thank you thank you Mette :)!