fly rabbit, fly

i found this flying bunny rabbit on ffffound and it let me to this great flickr stream! i like the idea of animals in the air. i trust that no animal was hurt doing the shooting..

Kiwitz: i know, next year i will spread the word a bit more!
Cecilie: uhh jeg kan bare ikke overskue vinduesvaskning på tredje sal..
Maria: i need to find out when it will start to be light again when i get up. i can't stand this darkness!
Em: I know -it was an accident but the past two days here was a celebration of darkness and light.
BB: The morning light is so strong in our living room that im always surprised by it. When i work from home, i can't get any work done because i stare at the light.
Louise: i know -its not on my to do list either -today or any day soon.. i can live with dirty windows for a long time, even though it can be amazing when you finally look through a clean one!
Lea: Det er rart at vide at jeg ikke er den eneste der negligerer mine vinduer .. men hvad skulle man også gøre? det virker helt urealistisk at holde dem rene!
Lisen: it was really nice to hear how many have dirty windows. now im just gonna leave them like that :)


morning light

where did the morning light go? its was so sad to awake this morning in dark and foggy weather. i miss the bright sun when i get up at six. these pictures are just last week a little past six. damn you summer time!! -and yes, i know our windows are impressively dirty. what are you gonna do?

Emma: i only too late thought about hanging a note in our stairway for the others in our building reminding them of earth hour. hmm. next year i will spread the message. we only turned the lights on in the bathroom afterwards :) -oh yeah and i had to turn on the lights on the stairs when i came home with rufus. he can not move on stairs in darkness! its so funny. if the lights go out while he is on the stairs he will simply freeze right where he is and stay still the lights come on :)
Lina: you are forgiven. i thought i might forget but D and i remembered together.
Lea: tsch tsch tsch. i should have knocked on your door and let you know :)
Lisen: that is totally allowed -you have to find your way home!!
Louise: it reminded me how nice candlelight alone can be. we must keep it dark more often! and let time fly!


lights out

yesterday was earth hour, or as we call it in DK; sluk lyset, Danmark, where everybody wanting to mark their interest in the environment turned off the lights for an hour. These are some photos from the official danish campaign site of what copenhagen looked like. We turned out the lights and lit some candles. I went for a walk with rufus, but it was really discouraging, since nobody in our neighbourhood seemed to join in. Except the nice cafe i told you about -they turned of their lights and had their guests dine by candlelight. Did you turn off your lights??

Anonymous mommy: and im sooo jealous!
Gamze: I know -there are too many good things about it to name them all!
Lisen: it was perfect there in the fall: not at all too hot but hot enough for it to feel like a summervacation! now your making me wanna try the chocolate too! i have been holding off for so long....
Maike: Actually there was a giant resort by the little town and lots and lots and lots of germans :) and in the restaurants the waiters all spoke german! but this house was so unlike my every nightmare about a tourist trap -it has totally changed my view on the island.
Lina: Very lucky indeed! lucky to have such sweet parents!
BB: That is my favourite kind of vacation!!
Epe: we cooked so much good food at the outside fireplace! amazing!
Ai: I know -almost too good to be true!
Sylvester and mama: all week i had to pinch myself to believe we were really there!
Lottie: Im so sorry! i can't get vacation out of my mind either! i keep remembering all these wonderful details from the place. like the sofa right at a giant window overlooking the ocean!
Katrine: Der nede snakkede vi flere gange om, at huset var sådan et man sejler forbi på en turistsejltur, inden man tager tilbage til sit hotel. det er ikke sådan et sted man faktisk bor! JA det er dansk ejet og man kan leje det. det her er hjemmesiden.
Lea: Den terasse var det mest fantastisk. jeg elskede den måde huset var opbygget: Der var fire dobbeltværelser alle med dør ud til terassen som var halvt overdækket og med en mur omkring. fantastisk.
B: JA det var ret så godt. jeg drømmer om mere sushi!! tak for besøget! Håber alt går godt i norge!
Maria: Yes. My father worked with someone related to the owners, but its is for rent. This is the website.
Anonymous: Yes. Of course! here it is. and this is a link to the article about the house. its in danish but there are some beautiful photos.
Sopchan: it should happen more often!


still dreaming..

im still dreaming myself back to porto petro, so im gonna leave you one more day with the dreamy photos. see you tomorrow in the real world.

psst! remember earth hour!


dreaming of vacation

In the last tag i did, i promised to show you my best vacation ever. In the fall of 2007 my parents invited me and D and my sister and her man to an A M A Z I N G house in the little town of Porte Petro in the tourist paradise Mallorca. I had never in my life dreamt about going to Mallorca, but this was such a magical place, that i can't even believe it was really real. A house, totally secluded, right on the ocean. So beautiful and so quiet. doing nothing but reading good books, eating good food and taking a dip from the scary ladder that went from the cliffs to the ocean -and drying in the cave afterwards. And. i didn't bring a camera. believe it or not i did not have a camera at this time and i never took any pictures. So all i have are these nostalgic photos from my mobile phone + this last one from when the danish interior design magazine Bo Bedre made an article about the house... uuuhhhh... i wanna go back.

Provins: Of course living in a house in a forest or something would be ideal for a dog, but Rufus - and whippets - are a good apartment-dog! he is pretty quiet and calm inside and sleeps alot. In this aspect he is sort of like a cat, search for a spot in the sun to sleep all afternoon. So as long as you can take him someplace to run once in a while he will be happy! we take him to the beach. He does not need a crazy amount of exercise since he is a sprinter. a dog makes an apartment feel so much more like a home.
BB: That sounds scary. i think we have eyes all over the apartment ..except maybe in the bedroom.. hmm..
Maria: Happy weekend! from M + D + R


two part dog

i love my little, yellow, two-part magnet dog! how fun would it be to switch a part with rufus....

Hanna: Oh, but its so sad! i want warmer weather! N O W
BB: its like reverse global warming... ...global freezing...
Epe: Its the first time i feel envious of people with different seasons than here! gime some warmth!
E: and now the sun has even gone here.. the forecast says rain rain rain..
Sylvester and mama: Im giving it a go again tonight!
mothersvea: I have very little tolerance for people who are not cold :) -like D -he is always perfectly tempered.
Maria: i don't think we eat alot of meat, but i could not imagine going totally without it. I don't have enough vegetable-imagination..



this is what the carrot-ginger soup from sunday looked like! with chicken. yum. And our succulents growing wild in the sun. the sun has been shining from a blue sky, but its cold cold cold! how can it be below zero on the 23. of march?? i want spring-warmth!

Lina: talented and beautiful
B: Tillykke med eksamen! det var så flot! Det bliver hyggeligt at du kommer på besøg!!
Lottie: Effortless is totally the word! thats what i have always wanted...
Katrine: So simple and yet so unattainable!
Sylvester and mama: i love that so many of you agree
Sarah: ha ha ha ! i love that! would that not be the coolest thing ever? especially that i had kept my famous girlfriend a secret from you all this time :)


just a little bit of style

oh, sofia coppola. i love her eternal sense of style. I've stolen the images from a google picture search...

Emma: it really was. both.
Maria: It would work with non-sour oranges too :) glad you liked the answers!
Gamze: Fresh was really the right word for that juice.
Epe: It was nice to tell!
Lisen: I know, its almost like a pet. Rufus by my feet - computer by my hands :)
Mothersvea: Cool! Thank you so much for the awards!
BB: I love oj. its the perfect partner for coffee!
Juliet: Oh thank you so much. I study rhetoric and my thesis will be on something like how writing for the internet differs from other types of texts and what it means for classic rhetorical theory. or something like that.. thank you for asking :)
Sam: fantastic! thank you so much! keep stopping by!


sour oranges

i made this delicious juice the other day: sour oranges + apples + ginger. fresh!

elisabeth: indeed!
lisen: so cool that you spotted the tennis balls!! even in our little apartment lots and lots of dog toys gets lost!


tag tag

I was tagged a million years ago by famapa and just the other day by Epe. Now i finally pulled my self together and got some answers for you! (actually i have an even older tag waiting (i haven't forgotten, Lena!))

The tag is to answer a bunch of questions and i have mixed the questions from Famapa with the ones from Epe as i please :) I haven't added one and im not gonna tag anybody! i feel really rude, but sometimes you gotta be! on the other hand i have loved learning more about all the people who have already done the tag!

What is your current obsession?
secrets and not working on my bachelor-thesis
What are you wearing right now?
multicolored happy socks
Do you nap a lot?
Who was the last person you hugged?
D, im sure
What did you want to become as a child?
Somebody sorting pearls into color categories (i imagined there would be a job like that at the pearl-factory -i still sort my candy into color categories) and a cleaning lady (that one didn't stick long, but i did get my dad to build me a cart for my cleaning supplies)
What's for dinner?
carrot-ginger soup with chicken and maybe some rice
What was the last thing you bought?
cheeseburger at McDonalds
What are you listening to right now?
D playing a football game on our ps2 and a danish radio P1
What is your favourite weather?
The moment when spring gets hot enough for you to loose your jacket and not have to worry about freezing when going out. Im really really waiting for this now.
What's on your bedside table?
nothing. Rufus usually stays in out bedroom when he is home alone, and even though he his a good dog and doesn't eat our stuff, i have gotten into the habit of not leaving anything there. (If he does eat our stuff, he likes books..)
Say something to the persons who tagged you.
Hi Famapa! thanks for making me want to visit london every day!
Hi Epe! i can't wait to get to know you and your blog better!
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?
hmmm.. i actually daydream about stuff like this all the time, but now its hard to choose! i would like a house in iceland, one in sweden, one in new york and one in tokyo (though i have never visited), one in berlin and a real house here in copenhagen would be somewhat useful :)
Favourite vacation spot?
I love berlin, because im not much of a traveller and i feel at home there. Soon i will show you some pictures from one of my best vacations at an amazing place.
Name the things you can't live without.
Lets stick to things: my computer, my internet connection, my espresso maker.
What would you like to have in your hands right now?
Another cheeseburger and some really good gelato. also all the money in the world. I know money can't buy you happiness, but it can let you do alot of things you otherwise couldn't.
What was your favorite moment today?
taking a nap with d and the dog after eating lunch.
What would you like to get rid of?
the cold weather outside and the financial crisis bringing everybody down. So many little shops are closing..
If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
i would not want to leave.
Who would you like to get stuck in a lift with?
anybody but Rufus. he is a quick panicer!

emma: mmmuuuuummmmssss
Lina: Im missing the salad!
maike: it is really sad when you see a glimpse of spring and its taken away from you!
Hanna: I think rufus would need some seasoning before i could eat him :)
BB: I do appreciate the classic danish designers and would not live with out it! The library where D works is designed by Arne Jacobsen!
Amy: hellloooo!
Tommy: believe it! because this grey grey weather is sad!
Maria: I have to go to the shop soon and see the marimekko stuff in real life even though its dangerous!
Epe: Thanks for the tag!!

where did saturday (and sunday) go?

sometimes time flies away from you.


lunch and dogs

lunch was a dog and a salad. with thyme, avocado, olives and other good stuff. the salad not the dog. it has been such beautiful weather these days and they say it won't last. next week they say winter will be back...

Emma: I hadn't even noticed who made it. i will have to look her up!
▶ Lisen: i don't know if i should go to the store, because i would have to have to have to buy some...
Lina: yeah they are great!
▶ Katrine: you are welcome! i love that they have different designers so the look changes!
K: ha ha -yeah i guess you get sort of spoiled with all the good design and some stuff seems very conservative. but Wegner is still one of my favorites.
▶ Roberta Jane: They have made the best cup too with polar bears on it! love it!
.girl ferment.: I really like the idea of getting really old photos back, but since i don't even know it the camera works, i should probably get the last frames shot!
▶ (senior): Thank you so much!
Sandra: im glad you like the hanging :) happy laziness to you too!
▶ Tommy: yeah i think so too! thats whats great :)
Kiwitz: i know! i don't know if i can stop my self if i get my hands on them!
▶ Lea: Det var også en overraskelse for mig! god weekend!!



i have fallen totally in love with these new patterns from marimekko! i have never been a fan of the marimekko flower pattern and frankly always though of marimekko as a mom-thing :) but these cups and patterns are so perfect i can't get them out of my mind!

Cecilie: You really should! thank you for your sweet words about the blog, im glad you like it! and its good to have another amager-reader!
Emma: Ja! De er virkelig et godt match!
BB: :) fika is a swedish word for drinking coffee together (tea and cake is allowed too) or taking a coffee break. All my swedish readers must correct me if there is a better explanation. When i studied in malmö it meant taking a coffee break. its a really good word.
Katrine: Ja, jeg ville virkelig gerne have penge til at spise mere ude, men det er faktisk en af de første ting vi skærer væk. Man kan jo altid lave god billig mad derhjemme.
Maike: Yeah i love the connection too! the box is a b&o speaker! i really love its look and it matches the pictures too!
Angie: :) glas you like it! check out Lisens other stuff
Marie: Det må du da. Rammen på Shrigley billedet var med da vi fik det, så den er jeg ikke sikker på hvor er fra. Den sorte ramme er en metalskifteramme fra føtex såmænd:)


fika with sandra

i bought this really beautiful print from the ever talented Sandra Juto. It looks perfect next to our shrigley-wedding present!

Katrine Ny: ja, hvem der bar kunne spise der lidt oftere!
Pigeon.toed: im still struggling with the first film + i have another camera that i need to test! i find it really difficult!
gracia: it is one of the most satisfying ways to spend your money!
Epe: it really was! too many cafes don't care enough about the food, but this places does!
BB: i know! i hate missing family birthdays and its often just as much for my own sake :) the photos from madmanifesten were actually shot with my samsung digital camera, so no fancy lenses. it just has a macro-focus-function. I only have the kit lenses for my olympus dslr so it is possible to do!
Brit: you are sweet -thanks!
Provins: a money dance would be perfect! let me know if it works!!!



My mom is in town this week! jubiii! feels really good to have her around. today we went to a restaurant just on the corner where we live. it was really tasty! such good quality and taste in a very simple dish (hakkebøf -a danish classic). I wish we could go there more often, but even though it isn't expensive, we can't afford to eat out that much. If you are in the neighborhood you should stop by. They have the best coffee in town too -from the talented boys of the Coffee Collective!

Provins: I think i will leave it for a while. D said he looked at it the other day and remembered our wedding, so it will stay put. your blog looks nice!
Emma: I love it too but had some how forgotten it.. then it was the perfect match for how i keep my shoes :) huller om buller! schiele is the best!
Inkysocks: i would love some of those boxes, but i think they are quite expensive here... :(
Maria: Bookstores should be like that everywhere! we don't have anywhere we can put the shoes "away" -that can be a big problem
BB: its such a good idea with the long openinghours! museums would be good too! i would love transparent boxes, but they are so darn expensive here!
B: JA vi ses lige om lidt!
luyi: :) thank you!
Abeo: there are not a space big enough for both D and my shoes in a row :) i have been thinking of sorting them and putting some in the attic...
Júlía: how perfect with the discount -and dangerous. Is it the bookstore on laugavegur? i don't remember the name anymore, but it was just around the corner from where we lived (we lived just behind skifan). Funny to think that i have no idea what shops are still there and how everything looks now -must go back! sooon!!!!


books and shoes

small details from our bedroom. Good books and lots of shoes! i need a new way of storing shoes. we used to have a whole bunch of adidas-shoeboxes but got tired of not being able to see the shoes. now the just lay all "hulter til bulter" -as we say in denmark- in a transparent box... that isn't working either... hmmm.. new system... It has to involve some sort of box so rufus don't chew them when he misses us! And books! i wish i had more money for buying books. when we lived in reykjavik i bought a lot of good artbooks, because the bookstores were open until 22.00 e v e r y day - i love love love that! the bookstores were such a good place to hang out! i miss that.. behind the box of shoes you can see my wedding dress. im thinking of packing it away, but i don't know..

Brit: Im so glad to hear im not the only one. i just want to choose the right moments to use it so the result will be best, but it would probably be better if i just shot away!
Hanna: I like that! i like the idea of a really really old film that you haven't developed and that you don't remember whats on! maybe i should shoot a roll after this and then save it for years!
Emma: Jeg siger tak! fordi du er så god! og deler så fine ting med os!
BB: You are so clever! but i don't find the dslr as attractive as the analogue.. not as picture worthy :)
Ai: You should definitely stop by and pet Rufus! he would love it!
Abeo: Wow thank you so much! im so glad you have stopped by and that you like it! hope you will come back!
TLC: Thank you Thank you! it pleases me so much that you like it! love to hear from new readers!