books and shoes

small details from our bedroom. Good books and lots of shoes! i need a new way of storing shoes. we used to have a whole bunch of adidas-shoeboxes but got tired of not being able to see the shoes. now the just lay all "hulter til bulter" -as we say in denmark- in a transparent box... that isn't working either... hmmm.. new system... It has to involve some sort of box so rufus don't chew them when he misses us! And books! i wish i had more money for buying books. when we lived in reykjavik i bought a lot of good artbooks, because the bookstores were open until 22.00 e v e r y day - i love love love that! the bookstores were such a good place to hang out! i miss that.. behind the box of shoes you can see my wedding dress. im thinking of packing it away, but i don't know..

Brit: Im so glad to hear im not the only one. i just want to choose the right moments to use it so the result will be best, but it would probably be better if i just shot away!
Hanna: I like that! i like the idea of a really really old film that you haven't developed and that you don't remember whats on! maybe i should shoot a roll after this and then save it for years!
Emma: Jeg siger tak! fordi du er så god! og deler så fine ting med os!
BB: You are so clever! but i don't find the dslr as attractive as the analogue.. not as picture worthy :)
Ai: You should definitely stop by and pet Rufus! he would love it!
Abeo: Wow thank you so much! im so glad you have stopped by and that you like it! hope you will come back!
TLC: Thank you Thank you! it pleases me so much that you like it! love to hear from new readers!


PROVINS said...

No don't pack it away.. Maybe you can wear it in the summertime? I have my wedding dress in my closet and it makes me so happy just to look at it. I am definitely going to wear mine again :-)
And yes, reykjavik is the meanest city!!

emma said...

"hulter til bulter" !! :D
huller om buller säger vi härom! :D love that expression. egon is a good one. schiele.

inkysocks said...

i love that expression, hulter til bulter.
how about those clear boxes with pull out drawers for your shoes?

Maria said...

hope you'll find a good solution! we've got too many shoes too (or I have) I think I'll just put most of them in a closet (förvaringsskåp) now they are all in plastic bags.
woow, the bookstores are open until 22.00?! incredible! why can't it be like that here too..
I love egon shiele too:)

Bombay Beauty said...

I don't understand why bookstores and museums don't stay open later. I recall going to a bookstore around midnight on the Left Bank and to a museum around 10 pm in Rome in the summer...

Regarding shoes, this is an issue. I've recently been using those organizers that hang down from the closet rod. Another idea is that you can transparent boxes, the size of a shoe box, which then is best of both worlds...


B said...

Sometimes the world it just to small for shoes:) Ses om en uge:) kram B

Abeo said...

I just lay out my shoes in a row, sometimes I wear them in the room too, when the mood is right.


Júlía. said...

I know! There's nothing better than taking a walk downtown and hanging out in the bookstores and drink a little coffee.
I sometimes work ad Eymundsson down town so I get a discount, and always buy more books than I can read.

gracia said...

I am forever buying more books than I can afford and am in danger of running amok in any good bookstore.