breakfast and lunch

breakfast and lunch. smoothie and a salad. The sweet neighbors have just been over for dinner, but i did not photograph it. it was pizza. mmm.

Emma: Chocolate-surprises are some of the best surprises!
Saga: I had totally forgot that sticker was there! it must be at least three years old! we are going to berlin this summer -maybe we should stop by again!
Epe: They are very expensive here, so i don't think we will get them again for a long time!
Fenke: ha ha -i love little rituals like that! like splitting up the cookiepart and the chocolate-part and regretting it as soon as you have finished the chocolate
Ai: Oh, it is too late! they are all gone. don't remember one with eyebrows! now i wanna buy a new package just to look for one!
Júlía: it could be very disappointing. We actually still have some things we bought in Reykjavik because of the packaging, that we have never opened: 1: Poul Newman Popcorn 2: Tom and jerry-juice -or should i say Tommi and Jenni :)
Lea: Tak for jeres hyggelige besøg! Undskyld for den manglende kaffe -det var lidt dårligt værtsskab!
Lisen: There was all kinds of different koalas so you could spend a long time choosing which one to eat
B: Det har lige sneet i København. Det virker helt helt forkert. det skulle jo være forår!


Maaret said...

This looks so delicious! I wnat to drink this smoothie. Yummy!

sandra said...

yum! smoothies are the best breakfasts. i dreamt of rufus the other night by the way :)

lea said...

i lige måde tak for sidst - super hyggeligt! og mmmmm den pizza. no worries mht. kaffe : )

Bombay Beauty said...

Smoothies are a good idea - I must try one of these soon, since it would be a way to add some fruit to my diet.

An even more important ingredient missing from breakfast and lunch diet is time! At dinner I seem to manage more leisure, but I should try to take 5 extra minutes with lunch and dinner... It sounds like a prescription: Take one with with breakfast, one with lunch, and report back to me in two weeks.