fly rabbit, fly

i found this flying bunny rabbit on ffffound and it let me to this great flickr stream! i like the idea of animals in the air. i trust that no animal was hurt doing the shooting..

Kiwitz: i know, next year i will spread the word a bit more!
Cecilie: uhh jeg kan bare ikke overskue vinduesvaskning på tredje sal..
Maria: i need to find out when it will start to be light again when i get up. i can't stand this darkness!
Em: I know -it was an accident but the past two days here was a celebration of darkness and light.
BB: The morning light is so strong in our living room that im always surprised by it. When i work from home, i can't get any work done because i stare at the light.
Louise: i know -its not on my to do list either -today or any day soon.. i can live with dirty windows for a long time, even though it can be amazing when you finally look through a clean one!
Lea: Det er rart at vide at jeg ikke er den eneste der negligerer mine vinduer .. men hvad skulle man også gøre? det virker helt urealistisk at holde dem rene!
Lisen: it was really nice to hear how many have dirty windows. now im just gonna leave them like that :)


emma said...

so cute! i wanna trust that to.
once and again: soooo cuuute! really nice colour as well!

Kate said...

ahhh love this!

Lisen said...

AH! Oh! Cutie!!

mieke willems said...

how sweet!!! cleaning windows is actually quit nice to do i think ;)!

Maike Hemmers said...

haha super funny

Anonymous said...

wohoo..brilliant pictures!!

kim said...

thank you. i am now obsessed with this flickr stream and have been posting and sending pics to everyone!