ivan in the way

i missed my blogging-appointment yesterday, because this little guy came for a visit! and he needs all your attention! This photo is from the last time he visited and he has of course gotten ALOT bigger since then. He is only about 5 months old but fits the same clothes as a 12 month old! And its all cuteness!

B: Det er også en perfekt måde at bruge en blog!
Anne: Yeah, and the fun thing is at i don't at all remember why i took a picture of the picture!
Gracia: Thank you. I like it alot. I love it when these towers appear "by them selfs" like this one: I had to clean something so i put on pot on top of the other and then the kettle without even thinking about it!
Julie: Jeg er ret vild med det første :)


Hanna Åberg said...

he is so super cute! lucky you, moster mette :)

em said...

good reason for not blogging though. sooo fun to se someone getting bigger! it's so cool and WONDERFUL to se children "explore the" and their personality. - awesome. i'm always so amazed by that.

and this ivan is for sure a real sweet kid, allrite! :)

Anne said...

Yep, he's cuteness personified :)