just a little bit of style

oh, sofia coppola. i love her eternal sense of style. I've stolen the images from a google picture search...

Emma: it really was. both.
Maria: It would work with non-sour oranges too :) glad you liked the answers!
Gamze: Fresh was really the right word for that juice.
Epe: It was nice to tell!
Lisen: I know, its almost like a pet. Rufus by my feet - computer by my hands :)
Mothersvea: Cool! Thank you so much for the awards!
BB: I love oj. its the perfect partner for coffee!
Juliet: Oh thank you so much. I study rhetoric and my thesis will be on something like how writing for the internet differs from other types of texts and what it means for classic rhetorical theory. or something like that.. thank you for asking :)
Sam: fantastic! thank you so much! keep stopping by!


lina said...

aah yes, sofia is super.

lottie said...

so very cool... and she makes it look so effortless.

Katrine Ny said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

yes VERY cool ;-)

Sarah Carlson said...

Ha, for a brief moment, before reading your accompanying text, I found myself feeling super impressed that you count Sophia Coppola among your friends. The light and composition of the photos made them look like you might have taken them! Yourself. In your living room.

Maike Hemmers said...

haha I had the self thought as Sarah.
But Sofia Coppola is definitly a very attractive woman. It is not just her facial beauty or the body, but her charisma. It is very intense.