lunch and dogs

lunch was a dog and a salad. with thyme, avocado, olives and other good stuff. the salad not the dog. it has been such beautiful weather these days and they say it won't last. next week they say winter will be back...

Emma: I hadn't even noticed who made it. i will have to look her up!
▶ Lisen: i don't know if i should go to the store, because i would have to have to have to buy some...
Lina: yeah they are great!
▶ Katrine: you are welcome! i love that they have different designers so the look changes!
K: ha ha -yeah i guess you get sort of spoiled with all the good design and some stuff seems very conservative. but Wegner is still one of my favorites.
▶ Roberta Jane: They have made the best cup too with polar bears on it! love it!
.girl ferment.: I really like the idea of getting really old photos back, but since i don't even know it the camera works, i should probably get the last frames shot!
▶ (senior): Thank you so much!
Sandra: im glad you like the hanging :) happy laziness to you too!
▶ Tommy: yeah i think so too! thats whats great :)
Kiwitz: i know! i don't know if i can stop my self if i get my hands on them!
▶ Lea: Det var også en overraskelse for mig! god weekend!!


emma said...

Trevlig helg!

lina said...

that salad looks amazing! oh it's making me hungry!!

Maike Hemmers said...

the salad does really look delicious.
I hope the weather is not changing here in the nederlands. It just can not be like winter again. That would be so sad.

Hanna Åberg said...

nooo! don't talk about winter -sorry, i can't hear you-

I'm glad to hear that you ate salad instead of rufus.
happy weekend!

Bombay Beauty said...

Winter is back here too in NYC... Very sad... I thought global warming would take care of this, and I would have a great decade before my flat vanishes under water... BB

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Oh no, I checked the weather. No rain for us still until next Saturday if the forecast is to be believed!

Maria said...

sounds like a good good salad! looks good too. sweet ears:)
but nonono hope they're not right about the weather..

epe said...

Hi mette! I've tagged you, come and see! :)