My mom is in town this week! jubiii! feels really good to have her around. today we went to a restaurant just on the corner where we live. it was really tasty! such good quality and taste in a very simple dish (hakkebøf -a danish classic). I wish we could go there more often, but even though it isn't expensive, we can't afford to eat out that much. If you are in the neighborhood you should stop by. They have the best coffee in town too -from the talented boys of the Coffee Collective!

Provins: I think i will leave it for a while. D said he looked at it the other day and remembered our wedding, so it will stay put. your blog looks nice!
Emma: I love it too but had some how forgotten it.. then it was the perfect match for how i keep my shoes :) huller om buller! schiele is the best!
Inkysocks: i would love some of those boxes, but i think they are quite expensive here... :(
Maria: Bookstores should be like that everywhere! we don't have anywhere we can put the shoes "away" -that can be a big problem
BB: its such a good idea with the long openinghours! museums would be good too! i would love transparent boxes, but they are so darn expensive here!
B: JA vi ses lige om lidt!
luyi: :) thank you!
Abeo: there are not a space big enough for both D and my shoes in a row :) i have been thinking of sorting them and putting some in the attic...
Júlía: how perfect with the discount -and dangerous. Is it the bookstore on laugavegur? i don't remember the name anymore, but it was just around the corner from where we lived (we lived just behind skifan). Funny to think that i have no idea what shops are still there and how everything looks now -must go back! sooon!!!!


Katrine Ny said...

Jep, den er super god!

epe said...

mmm everything looks so good! :)

Bombay Beauty said...

Nice to be able to have your mother visit! It was my mother's birthday yesterday, but couldn't be there because I'm on a work trip abroad. And my disappointment isn't only selfless -- my mother cooks up a storm on her own birthday!


P.S. How do you get such a great closeups? Do you have a macro lens of some sort or do you just take a bigger picture and then crop?

Brit said...

You make every meal look like a feast! :) Delicious!

PROVINS said...

Thanks thanks, I like yours very much aswell!! Regarding the money issue vs. eating-out, it would just be so nice if we could dance a money-dance..
Maybe i'll give it a go :-)

Cecilie said...

This looks really good. I live in Amager myself, so I must check it out soon.

Love your blog by the way!