mmm... weekend

we need some rufus to start the weekend. hope yours will bring some relaxation!

Sarah Carlson: Oh you are right! i think i must have been subconsciously influenced by it!
Maaret: A good smoothie is such a delight!
Sandra: Rufus dreamt about you too!
Louise: indeed!
Lea: i må komme til kaffe en anden dag!
BB: I love having a long time to eat breakfast! but its hard when you have to be at work at 7... i miss loooong mornings where you could read a book and eat a big breakfast!


epe said...

i like the second picture!

famapa said...

morning mette, morning rufus!

I've tagged you today... have a nice weekend y'all!

Lisen said...

he relly looks like a filifjonka! :D Dont know if thats the name in english/danska? His long nose is so funny and cute! I always thinks its fashinating when I meet dogs with long noses when Stina's is more own face haha..and they are still dogs, long- or short-nosed. So cool! :D

Anonymous said...

oh man, i want to pet him. you are lucky!